4 Top Tips When Assisting A Loved One With Their Move To Senior Living

Whether your close friend, wife, husband or other family member is heading off to start a brand-new phase of life in an independent living facility, or else requires more help with daily activities within an assisted living facility, then you will want to help in any way you can.

To help you do just that, then continue reading to discover four top tips when assisting a loved one with their move to senior living.

1. Remain Positive at All Times

First and foremost, you and the other friends and family members close to your loved one will no doubt be experiencing a range of different emotions surrounding the move and even if senior living was certainly not first on your preference list, once the decision has been made, it has been made.

Whenever you are talking about any aspect of senior living, whether that be the specific assisted living community your loved one is moving to or else the subject of senior care as a whole, it is absolutely crucial to remain as positive as you can at all times.

2. Place Your Loved One’s Emotional Health at the Forefront

There are, undeniably, many changes to a person’s physical health, well-being and mobility levels as they become older and especially in the case of elderly people, they may well be physically restricted as to what they can and cannot do.

For physical matters, let the medical doctors take care of them and for the support and growth of your loved one’s emotional health during the move, this falls to you and the rest of your family.

Prestigious senior living communities, such as the established assisted living in Oak Park, for example, offer comprehensive help with every stage of the process, from finding out if their community is the right fit for your loved one to helping settle them into their new apartment.

3. Help Them to Downsize

There are many different methods of funding the move to a senior living community and it may well be the case that, in your loved one’s situation, their current home will be sold to offset the cost of the transition.

If this is the case, then you should start to downsize their belongings, together with your loved one’s supervision and participation (when possible), as soon as you have confirmed the move to senior living.

Start with one room at a time and make sure that every single thing you consider is approved by your loved one; if they are unable to do this, then you need to think exceedingly carefully before throwing away anything.

4. Consider Professional Assistance with the Move

The fourth and final tip to help your loved one transition from their own home, or indeed your own, to a senior living community is to consider hiring a professional care manager.

This option is particularly pertinent for those soon-to-be residents who are in the latter stages of dementia or another memory-based illness and need to be treated with care, respect and sentiment at all times, yet still need help with organization and planning.