4 Top Tips to Deepen the Bond With Your Partner

Whether you have been happily married for several years or you are still in the honeymoon phase of a new relationship, making an effort to deepen the bond you and your partner have can be incredibly rewarding. Many people tend to focus on addressing issues in a relationship, which means that they have already allowed themselves to get to a stage where an issue needs to be fixed. Instead, why not introduce a few small changes to enhance your relationship, instead? By implementing these top tips, you and your partner can enjoy each other’s company even more than usual.

Open Communication

Open communication is healthy communication, and every strong couple needs this to survive. The key to a long-lasting relationship is good communication skills from both parties. You and your partner need to be able to listen to each other properly, ask questions, and express your own feelings. Therefore, everyday you should make time to check in on each other to make sure you know where the other is emotionally.

Verbal Appreciation

In addition to maintaining an open dialogue with your partner, always remember to express your appreciation verbally. You may feel as though your relationship has gone beyond the pleasantries of saying “thanks,” but the simple act of thanking your partner for everything they do for you can help strengthen a relationship. Furthermore, your partner is not a mind reader and sometimes they may question your feelings. For example, their homemade lasagne might be the best you have ever tried, and although you may have told them early on in your relationship, if you don’t verbally express your appreciation and thank them for the meal on a regular basis, they might forget how much you enjoy it and make it less often. Not only can a simple “thanks” put a smile on their face, it will also help reaffirm your feelings.

Be More Sensual

Being more sensual is all about enjoying your five senses: touch, taste, smell, hearing, and sight. For example, lighting a scented candle, turning down the lights, and giving each other a sensual massage can benefit your relationship in many ways. Massage therapy helps reduce stress, provides pain relief, and aids relaxation. Not to mention, it also leads to sensual activities in the bedroom. Although sensuality is often connected with being sexual, this isn’t always the case. You can also be more sensual by enjoying a romantic meal together, listening to music, or simply by cuddling on the sofa and watching a movie. Basically, any activity that makes you both feel good is classed as sensual, and enjoying these activities together can truly help deepen your relationship.

Random Acts of Kindness

Deep connections are not maintained by splashing out on expensive gifts or carrying out nice gestures on your first few dates, only for you to then become lazy after you get into a relationship. Small, random acts of kindness—such as sending your loved one a text message to say “have a good day at work” when you’re away from them or bringing home their favorite food—are what nurture a relationship. Other thoughtful gestures include holding hands, running them a relaxing bath, making them a coffee in the morning, and offering encouraging words when they are having a bad day.