4 Tips for Planning a Destination Bridal Shower

A quarter of all weddings today are destination weddings.

Whether you’re dreaming of getting married in paradise or your family and friends are already scattered across the globe, making your hometown less of a convenient option, there are plenty of reasons to turn your nuptials into a vacation.

But your wedding ceremony isn’t the only event that you can turn into a weekend away. A destination bridal shower is a great way to enjoy a mini-vacation with your girlfriends and female family members — or male friends and family, too. Keep reading to learn how to plan the perfect destination shower.

1. Choose Your Destination with Care

When you decide to plan a destination bridal shower, it may seem as though the sky is the limit when it comes to picking a destination. But even if budgets aren’t an issue, there are still plenty of things you’ll want to consider before choosing the right spot to host your shower.

Perhaps the most important is the logistics of traveling to your chosen destination.

If you’re planning your bridal shower as a weekend or a long weekend getaway, you’ll need to choose a destination close to a major airport. But if there aren’t several flights a day to and from your destination, your guests may not be able to easily make the trip. In that sense, think twice about destinations that require several layovers to get to and from; after all, the more layovers you have to deal with, the more chances that someone’s flight could get delayed or canceled, derailing your fun weekend.

While a weekend in the Caribbean might seem like the perfect choice for a tropical bridal shower, another thing you should consider is whether your guests already have passports. You should send out your invitations at least a few months in advance, but the process of applying for a passport and waiting for it to arrive in the mail will take anywhere from six to eight weeks, and might be a hassle for any guests who don’t already have one.

Luckily, there are plenty of places within the U.S. that are perfect for a destination shower.

2. Consider Something All-Inclusive

Whether you’re inviting only close friends or a long guest list, all-inclusive packages are a great way to make your bridal shower vacation simpler and more relaxing for everyone involved.

When meals, hotel rooms, and entertainment are all included, your guests will know exactly what they’re going to spend ahead of your weekend. For anyone on a budget, this makes it much easier to plan. It will also help them avoid any awkward moments if a luxurious meal or fun outing would wind up being more expensive than they envisioned.

Plus, an all-inclusive resort means everything you need for a great time is right there. No time wasted on commutes or struggles with coordinating travel for your group from one spot to the next. That means more time to relax and celebrate your upcoming wedding.

3. Give Your Guests Plenty of Notice

While the right destination and an all-inclusive package can help you enjoy a fun weekend together with friends and family, there’s one big mistake that could ruin your entire event.

Failing to give your guests a heads up about your bridal shower will likely leave many unable to attend. Between making travel arrangements, getting time off work, scheduling babysitters or pet sitters, and saving up some money for the trip, your guests will need plenty of time to plan in order to make your big blow out.

To ensure as many as guests as possible can make it, send out a save-the-date card as early as possible. You don’t even need to include all the details; just letting them know the date as soon as you set it is a good idea. Then, you can send out official invitations when you figure out all the details.

4. Schedule in Plenty of Downtime

When you turn your bridal shower into a weekend-long event, you’ll likely plan more than just a traditional shower. From welcome dinners to a bridal brunch to beach volleyball, you can certainly fill your weekend with plenty of fun. Just don’t plan it down to the minute.

Remember that while your guests are excited to celebrate with you, they are likely also looking forward to relaxing during their getaway. Plan some downtime that everyone can enjoy as they choose. Your guests — and you — will appreciate the opportunity to kick back and relax in your gorgeous destination.

Planning the Perfect Destination Bridal Shower

If you have your heart set on a destination bridal shower, use these tips to make planning a breeze and to ensure your weekend getaway goes smoothly for you and your guests!

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