4 Things to know before buying glasses online

Buying glasses online seems to be an easy task with just a few clicks on the laptop or computer. However, it is not that simple as it appears. Nowadays, online glasses are highly preferred, especially among youth, as it saves the time of going to the optical store, getting eye test done, trying several frames, waiting for the eyeglasses to get ready and finally checking if the power of the lenses is according to the prescription. Well, for someone who is new to the online business of glasses or have never tried it, here is a list of guidelines to consider when you buy glasses online:

  1. Select frames: To choose the best frame among the plethora of choices takes some time which is worthwhile. You should keep on scrolling to get the eyeglasses with the desired shape, size, colours, patterns etc. Consider the material too, as plastic and metal glasses are roaring in the market due to their durability, skin-friendly and corrosion-resistance characteristics. When you select frame, make sure it matches with your face shape, hair colour, skin colour, eye colour etc. It is not necessary that the rimless frames used by your friend will look similarly adoring on your face. Hence, the size and shape of the frame are very important and one has to watch out for aviators, cat eyes, browlines, wayfarers, round, rectangles, geometrical shapes, rimless, full-rim, half rim, oversized, etc. Since most of the online marketplaces offer to try at home facilities for free to check how the glasses suit you. It is preciously easy to book free trial glasses before placing the order.
  2. Prescription glasses: If you wear power glasses or prescription glasses to correct vision defects, then select the right prescription glasses by providing the relevant details as requested by the online store. Some of the stores ask users to upload the prescription for better clarity and correct lenses, as understanding the prescription may appear a little difficult for everyone. If you do not have a prescription or prescription available is quite old, it is suggested to book an appointment for a detailed eyes-test to get a fresh prescription before buying spectacles online.
  3. Choosing type of lenses: When you refer to the lenses, note that the plastic glasses are better than the normal glass lenses due to thinness and durability although the purpose is to get clear vision quality. Further, the lenses could be single vision, bifocal, varifocal or transition lenses. The choice of lenses depends upon the prescription. If you have nearsightedness or farsightedness, then select a single vision lens. In case of both the refractive errors, opt of the bifocal or varifocal lens. In case, you keep moving outside frequently throughout the day or your profession require working out in the sun, then transition lenses are perfect. It is also necessary to get not only the vision clarity but also protection of the eyes from UV rays, glares, and blue light from digital devices. Therefore, go for lenses with anti-UV, anti-glare and anti-blue light-blocking characters depending upon your need when you buy glasses online. Also, to maintain the life of the lenses anti-scratch and shock-resistance lenses are highly recommended to protect the lenses.
  4. Payment: Make payment through safe and secure transactions procedure online against your favourite pair of glasses to get instant delivery within the same day.  In case, you want to exchange or return the eyeglasses if they do not suit you, then go through the return and exchange policy in advance.

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