4 Things that Travel Insurance for Thailand Will Cover

Indians love to visit Thailand for a holiday with friends, family, or solo. As per stats, an estimated 2 million Indians visited Thailand in 2019 to experience the picturesque beauty of its beaches and nightlife. One reason behind our love for this tourist destination is the proximity of our nation to Thailand. You can easily plan a budget-friendly trip to this beautiful country any time of the year.

If you are planning to travel to Thailand anytime soon, the first thing you need to do is buy travel insurance for Thailand from India. It is a prerequisite whenever you travel abroad. However, there are some common advantages of buying travel insurance for Thailand from India.

1. You Get Trip Cancellation Cover

Uncertainties can arise at any time, and they may wipe away the best-laid itinerary for your trip to Thailand. No matter for what reason you cancel your plan, there is nothing you can do to avoid monetary loss unless you have bought travel insurance for Thailand from India. Based on policy terms, international travel insurance reimburses the amount you spent to book flights and make other arrangements. Not having the insurance policy can lead to substantial loss of money.

2. You Gain Access to Medical Cover

There is no way you can predict health issues before your travel.  A severe health condition during the trip will affect all your plans to explore your holiday destination. Alongside this, you may end up burning a hole in your pocket to get the necessary treatment. Buying international travel insurance for Thailand from India can help you deal with such unforeseen situations.

The insurance policy will provide comprehensive medical coverage up to the limit specified in its wordings. From hospitalization to doctor’s fees to medical evacuation, if required, the policy will take care of it all. In case you need to see a doctor in Thailand and pay for the treatment, you can ask your insurer to repay medical bills.

3. Even Your Baggage Gets Insurance Coverage

Not having all the essentials with you can create a lot of problems during your Thailand trip. You might have packed it all in your luggage for the trip. But you can’t avoid the chaos when your baggage is delayed or misplaced unless you have your trip insured with travel insurance for Thailand from India.

The chosen insurer will reimburse the expenses you incur in case your baggage is lost or delayed in arrival. You can also get compensation for daily expenses as per the terms of the chosen policy.

4. You Get Coverage for Loss of Passport

Your passport works like an ID card for you when you travel abroad. Losing it during the trip means you will face hassles in returning to your home country. Furthermore, knowing that the passport has been lost may devoid your trip of all the fun and excitement. However, you need not worry about it if you have a travel insurance for Thailand from India.

In the event when your passport is lost, the insurance company will reimburse the reasonable expense incurred to obtain a duplicate or a fresh passport.

Safeguard Your Thailand Trip with the Right Travel Insurance Plan

Traveling to Thailand with your family or solo may be one of your dreams. To ensure you live this dream without worries or hassles, buying international travel insurance from renowned insurers like Tata AIG is a must. They also have travel insurance plans specific to Thailand, made by Indians. It is best to leave your concerns to the insurer and enjoy the trip the way you have planned it.

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