4 Steps to Take After Being Injured at a Construction Site

People can be working at a construction site and experience some type of injury. This could involve a broken bone, head wound, and more. These injuries could result in someone being unable to work for weeks, months, or longer. At this time, a person should consider obtaining legal representation. It is possible that they qualify for worker’s compensation. When a construction accident attorney is utilized, it could make the process much easier. An experienced attorney knows how to make certain an accident victim is fairly compensated.

Common Causes of Construction Injuries

There are some common causes associated with accidents that take place at construction sites. Many things can go wrong at these sites. According to Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), there are common citations given to construction sites for things that could cause accidents.

*Electrical Systems Design

*Improper Protection

*Machinery and machine guarding

*Improper hazard communications

*Methods of electrical components and equipment wiring

*Improper scaffolding


*Lack of respiratory protection

*Handling of hazardous energy

*Industrial trucks


Violating safety standards at a construction site is often what’s responsible for severe accidents and injuries. OSHA has named the most common construction accidents. They are getting caught between objects, electrocution, falls, and getting struck by heavy objects.


1. See Medical Professional

Medical treatment should be immediately obtained. There are dangerous chemicals as well as massive equipment in place at many construction sites. When an accident occurs, it can cause a person to experience severe injuries. These injuries will require immediate medical attention. Should a person only experience bruises or cuts, it is best for them to still have their injuries documented by a medical professional. Cuts always have a chance of becoming infected.

2. Report Accident To Employer

Once a person has had medical treatment, it is important their employer knows about the accident. An employer must be provided with the exact details of everything that took place. An injured person should notify their immediate supervisor and human resources representative. Any contact within a company that has been designated as a contact in case of injury should also be notified. Doing this will create an important record of the injury. This is something that can be used later to obtain monetary compensation.

3. FInd Compensation Rights and Information

Every state uses a form of workers’ compensation. This will provide worker coverage under their employer’s insurance policy. In many states, the laws will limit workers to only receiving compensation when they have an injury that happens at a job site. This eliminates a third-party option when it comes to claims. In this case, it is still possible for workers to obtain compensation from parties that are not their employers. It would have to be a situation where the injury was caused by something other than job safety.

4. Contact A Lawyer

One of the things an injured worker should do is to speak with an attorney about possible legal representation. Accidents that occur at construction sites can be complicated. An experienced lawyer will know how to hold the responsible parties accountable for their actions. They will also know what is required for an injured worker to obtain fair compensation for their injuries.

Construction work is an essential part of the economy. It employs many people, but accidents are going to happen. Some of them will be serious. Every day workers put their lives in danger to build houses, office buildings, roads, bridges, and more. When someone is accidentally injured at a construction site, they must know their legal rights. Hiring an attorney is the best way for a worker to have their rights protected and be properly compensated for their injuries.