4 Reasons to Consider a Black Diamond Engagement Ring

What comes to mind when you think about engagement rings? For most, the engagement ring is delicate, with a beautifully cut diamond with the best purity for the money. After all, it is a symbol of a pure and durable love that binds the souls of two people.

So why on earth would you even consider a black diamond for your once-in-a-lifetime engagement ring? 

As it turns out, black diamonds are quite popular nowadays and many brides-to-be want them on their fingers. We even have four reasons that usually pop up when couples share the story of their engagement.

#1: It Is Unique

Diamond engagement rings are nothing new, although quite recent (diamond engagement rings only become popular around 1947). Still, in today’s day and age, diamond rings are affordable and most of them follow a specific pattern. So, if you want to stand out, you either have to choose a different stone and design or go with a black diamond ring.

But what exactly is a black diamond? In simple terms, it’s a diamond with a high number of inclusions (impurities). On a regular diamond, inclusions show up as dark specs and tend to drive the price down, but on a black diamond, it creates a beautiful and rare color that will make any jewelry stand out. 

#2: Carrie Bradshaw Did It [It’s Trendy]

If you’re a Sex and the City fan, you know that she received a 5-carat black diamond set in 18-karat white gold from her beloved Mr. Big, with the message “you’re not like anyone else.” This created an entire trend that’s still going several years after the series ended.

So, if one of the trendiest and most fashionable TV characters in history was proud to showcase her uniqueness and style with such a beautiful stone, there’s no time to waste! If you want a unique and fashionable engagement ring, it’s time to go shopping for black diamond rings today!

#3: It Is Affordable

Believe it or not, black diamonds are not as popular as other diamond types, so their price is quite affordable. The main reason many people avoid this type of diamond (especially for engagement rings) is the color, which is why it goes so well with brides who have a unique and maybe edgy style.

Even though they are less expensive than white diamonds, black diamonds are still real stones, so there is no reason to avoid them. While it’s true that there are diamonds that have been artificially tainted black, if you buy from a reliable dealer, you shouldn’t be at risk of purchasing a low-quality stone.

#4: It’s Easy to Accessorize

Lastly, a black diamond can be easily paired with almost any type of outfit. Not to mention that it works amazingly well with ultra-elegant ones! In addition, black diamonds also work extremely well for male rings since they give a somber and powerful vibe. This means that the future groom can wear a similar ring to his bride-to-be, as something that’s unique and representative of their bond.

In conclusion, black diamonds are gorgeous and unique stones that deserve to be considered for engagement rings.

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