4 Professions To Discuss With Your Children (+Financial Benefits)

Children love to think about what job or career they are going to pursue when they grow up. The world is filled with potential, and young kids usually see nothing but the positives in any situation. Being an astronaut, an athlete, or a rock star are some of the most common jobs kids mention.

Unfortunately, not all of these things are realistic for everyone. So what are some careers that have great financial benefits, but are also realistic?

Being a firefighter comes with many pros. Auto insurance for firefighters is better than for most other careers, and you get to heroically put out fires. Being an artist for a marketing company doesn’t sound great to an 8-year-old, but they would get to flex their creative minds.

#1 – Writer

Writing is a skill everyone can do, but it doesn’t mean they can do it well. If kids are introduced to writing at a young age, though, there’s no stopping them from becoming successful.

Kids already love telling stories. If your child is constantly talking about ideas that pop into their head, ask them if they want to write them down and go from there. As they continue to feed their passion for writing, kids will think about the variety of realistic career opportunities for writers as they get older.

Being a novelist is sometimes made fun of for being an unrealistic job option, but you don’t have to be Stephen King to make money with your words. Writers help make so many industries move forward and handle their business effectively.

Marketing, advertising, journalism, scriptwriting, and other online writing are all realistic job paths that both make money and stimulate creativity. Kids will only care about the latter, but they’ll appreciate the financial rewards when they get older.

If you see your kid has a love for writing, you should talk to their teachers about getting them into different extracurricular activities related to writing. Poetry clubs, theater, band, and other artistic activities in school could be pathways to a successful career in writing.

#2 – Cook

If you notice your son or daughter is always interested in helping with the special family dinners out in the kitchen, maybe they could pursue a culinary career. Cooking is a special activity because it brings people together. It allows for creativity and mental growth, too.


Thinking of new recipes and tweaking old ones are things kids will enjoy doing and will appreciate even more as they get older. Cooking helps people connect with new folks and established friends and family members. Memories are shared through food, and cultural connections are expanded.

Is cooking a career you can make good money in?

The financial side of cooking can also be rewarding. If you have a culinary background and a strong business acumen, starting your own restaurant is a possibility. Many of the best local places to eat are run by people who started out with a love of cooking for their families.

They may have realized their recipes are such a hit that they should be shared with the world. And if a cook’s parents emphasized the importance of monetizing food, then starting a restaurant business becomes easier.

Even something as simple as the classic lemonade stand helps kids understand the importance of selling something they have created in the kitchen for profit. Expanding on this concept by selling other foods and drinks will help kids understand whether a career in food is right for them.

#3 – Firefighter

Firefighters are viewed as heroes for many reasons. They sacrifice themselves every day to save others, a concept kids can really get behind. Children love careers where they can imagine themselves being important.

Young people often don’t think about sitting behind a desk at an office. This isn’t a very thrilling thought because kids often want their careers to be active. The previously mentioned choices of athletics and music come to mind again.

Being a firefighter is a career that gets you out of your comfort zone, and presents a variety of opportunities. The salary can reach as high as $80,000 annually, which is wonderful for a career that doesn’t require a college degree.

Kids won’t care about this right now, but firefighters can also get great benefits. Medical insurance, retirement savings, and discounts on auto insurance are given to many firefighters depending on the location and the union.

#4 – Medical Worker

Being in medicine is another popular choice for many young kids to dream about. Maybe it’s because doctors are very knowledgeable about their jobs. Perhaps doctors bring a feeling of authority and security to the room.

Doctors make people feel safe. Kids love the gentle tone and bedside manner pediatricians have, and they might want to make others feel the same way as their own doctors have once they grow up.

The financial rewards of being a doctor are obvious. Medical workers usually make six figures, and a surgeon can make hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. If you see your child is interested in medicine, let them know what a great career choice it would be for them. They may not care about the money now, but they will later.

Non-Doctor Medical Jobs

Doctors aren’t the only medical jobs kids should be encouraged to do. Nursing is much easier to get a degree in. You usually don’t have to go to college for as long as when you are pursuing an M.D. For kids who don’t want to spend eight years in college, this is a way for them to reconcile with the educational requirements of going into medicine.

Being a doctors isn’t the only healthcare profession to reap several financial benefits. For example, car insurance for healthcare professionals — doctors, nurses, pharmacists, etc. — is often cheaper than it is for other professions. One of the reasons is the high education level.

There are many realistic career options for kids. Parents need to allow their children to dream big but also present the facts. These jobs are all exciting yet obtainable. Keep the discussion lighthearted, and slip in the benefits kids may not care about yet. It gives them something to chew on moving forward.


Shawn Laib writes and researches for the auto insurance comparison site, He wants to help families and their children understand the benefits of pursuing different careers.