4 Popular styles to vamp up your living room

A living room is the heart of every home where you and your family spend more hours of the

day than any other room. For that reason When it comes to design a living room, you need to be

thorough about what you want. From wall colors to furniture to decor pieces, everything needs

your full attention to ensure that the overall vibe of the living room matches your personality and

lifestyle. Are you seeking the right decor pieces, center table, side chairs, or Looking for

affordable Rocking Chairs? Both online and local markets would offer you numerous options for

all the items you are hunting, only to make your choice even more difficult.

One easy way to simplify your living room Retro Designs is to find a major style you would like to keep.

Once you are clear with the major theme, you can pick everything else by playing around with it.

Here are some most loved styles to vamp up your living room.

● Modern style

When it comes to a modern living room style, space is of the utmost importance.

Everything in the room from curtains to furniture to the artwork must have room to

breathe. This style is identified by straight lines and edges which is why you should keep

a balance with more straight lines than curves even when playing with different shapes.

Choose subtle hues, minimum patterns, and well-polished glass or wooden furniture to

nail the modern look.

● Minimalistic style

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If you are a fan of homes with clean and organized living rooms that require minimum

maintenance, a minimalistic style is ideal for you. A simple thumb rule is to keep

everything minimalistic, from furniture to decor pieces to every other small addition. You

should pick subdued hues for everything including ceiling, walls, paintings, artwork, etc.

However, you can add a slight personal and lively touch with unique shaped decor piece,

chairs, or plants.

● Contemporary look

One of the most popular style for a living room is the contemporary style. It is a great

mix of patterns, textures, and colors and allows you to inculcate your personality into the

room to perfection. You can pick the latest trending furniture, upholstery, decoration

pieces, etc. Although you can freely romance with the colors in a contemporary living

room, it is always good not to overdo it. If you are willing to choose bold colors such as

blue, pink, etc, use them to highlight certain corners like curtains, a rocking chair, or


● Eclectic style

Another popular style that is attracting millennials like nothing else is the eclectic style.

This style is ideal for free-spirited people who love artistic and bohemian vibes. The only

rule you should follow in an eclectic style is to follow no rules. Mix and match as much

as you want and in any way that suits you, whether it for curtains, furniture, wallpaper,

artwork, etc. This style is perfect to create an interactive fun living room with bold

eclectic colors, whimsical furniture, and unusual decor. These are extremely welcoming,

full of life, and reflects the same about the people living in.

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