4 Major Benefits Of Installing Roof Ventilation

Installing quality roof ventilation will provide you with endless benefits during each season. You’ll find it easier to stay cool in the summer and all the cosy warmth from the open fire will stay inside during the winter. Living without it can lead to damp and poor living conditions that could even impact your family’s health. With so many reasons why you should invest in effective roof ventilation continue reading to find out how to get the process started and exactly why it’s so important.

Why Ventilation?

The science behind the technology is pretty simple. We all know that hot air rises and this is no different at home. When the hot air rises to the highest point of the house it needs an escape route so it can continue to rise. If it does not have anywhere to go it puts pressure on the roof and can cause damage to the building and its internal environment. This can also lead to dampness which can cause respiratory difficulties for anyone living at home. There are two methods you can use to create the exit point for the hot air and create effective roof ventilation. Mechanical roof ventilation uses a power source to create an air flow in the attic and therefore draw out the hot air. The other method uses no power and takes advantage of the natural “stack and wind effect” which is your greener alternative. Each home is individual so you’ll need to get a quote and an inspection done by a qualified professional before you move forward.

More Economical

By installing roof ventilation you’ll save money on your household heating bills. Switching on the air conditioning when the temperature starts to soar shouldn’t leave you stricken with guilt, especially when you consider that an Australian summer can bring in temperatures up to 45 degrees. By investing in high quality and effective roof ventilation you’ll find yourself reaching for the air con remote far less which means there will be no hard feelings when you do fancy switching it on.

Improved Air Quality

There’s nothing better than letting in some fresh air. Whether it be through the window or through your new roof ventilation system it will do your air quality and your health the world of good. When moist and hot air builds up in your attic it creates a damp environment. This can cause respiratory difficulties such as asthma and could be extremely dangerous for some young children once it starts to spread throughout the house. Be sure to keep all the family safe and get peace of mind by getting a quote for effective roof ventilation.


Structural Integrity

The damp environment that could prove detrimental to your family’s health could also be dangerous for your house and bank balance. When moisture begins to form and take hold in your attic it can cause damage to the materials that have been used to erect your roof. Mold usually forms and eats away at the materials meaning that your roof structure may be damaged and degraded. Once this irreversible process has taken place you’ll need a roof which will set you back a lot of time, money and stress.

Increases insulation

Poor ventilation can lead to less efficient insulation which means that you’ll be spending even more when it comes to utility bills. By ventilating your roof your insulation will last for longer and you’ll be contributing to a more economical household.


Although these are just a few of the benefits of installing roof ventilation, you’ll find that it will prove to be a valuable addition to your home – especially throughout the warmer months of the year. With the prospect of cool, clean air flowing through your home and representing economical value, integrating roof ventilation into your home almost seems like a no brainer!

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