4 Jaw-Dropping Beaches in Australia You Need to Visit ASAP

Australia has among the best beaches in the world. The country is world-renowned for having the clearest and breath-taking beaches, and because of this, many tourists around the world flock to particular areas and resorts.

If you are visiting the Land Down Under soon, you would want to introduce yourself with some of the best beaches the country has to offer. Readying your custom silicone swim caps or bikini is just one of the many preparations you need if you are serious about having beach fun in Australia. Below are the five of the most serene and breath-taking beaches Australia has to offer.

75 Mile Beach (Fraser Island, Queensland)

Dubbed as the ‘World’s Largest Sand Island,’ the 75 Mile Beach is world famous for its white sand, and stunning clear waters. According to one website, the beach is likewise famous for its multi-colouredsands. This beach is truly an Instagram-worthy seascape and landscape. With vast shores and blue waters, it is impossible not fall in love with its serene and peaceful atmosphere on the first time you see it. If you are looking for a beach spot that has fine sand, blue waters, and very nice atmosphere, you can’t go wrong with the 75 Mile Beach!

Noosa Main Beach (Sunshine Coast, Queensland)

The Noosa Main Beach is a smorgasbord of anything and everything nature and fun. The beach has a lot to offer to both local and foreign tourists. Some of the main attractions of the beach include clear waters, picturesque white sand, diverse marine ecosystem, surf spots, and pods of dolphins. The beach is best for people who are after white sand, pristine and crystal clear water, water activities, and nature. Sunshine Coast is also known for having some of the best surf spots Australia has to offer. Many Australian and foreign surfers go to Noosa Main Beach to catch some waves and get stoked. If you are looking an Australian beach that can offer much fun, then Noosa Main Beach can be your top pick.

Burleigh Heads (Gold Coast, Queensland)

The Gold Coast is the go-to place for Australians who want to take a time-off from busy metro lifestyle and work. Different beaches in the area are known for their clear waters and fine sands, but one particular beach is a cut above the rest, and that is no less than the Burleigh Heads. This beach is famous for its clear waters and challenging waves that cater to many Aussie surfers. However, the popularity of Gold Coast also has its drawbacks. Since more and more tourists are learning about the great waters of Gold Coast, its beaches tend to be crowded with both local and foreign tourists. Fortunately, the Burleigh Heads is still safe from the barrage of tourists. If you want to enjoy the Gold Coast without having to deal with so many people, you would want to hit the Burleigh Heads.

Whitehaven Beach (Whitsunday Island, Queensland)

In 2008, Keep Australia Beautiful’s Clean Beach Challenge State Awards recognized Whitehaven Beach as Queensland’s Cleanest. To put into perspective, the seven-kilometer stretch of the beach is where you want to go if you are looking for a serene, tranquil, and pristine beach. What makes this beach different from other beaches in Queensland is that its shores are covered with silica sands. For a beach with a beauty that stood the test of time, Whitehaven Beach is indeed a great find if you are in the Queensland area.

Planning to travel to Australia and hit the beach? Don’t forget the list above and your custom silicone swim caps or bikini and indulge the serene beaches the Land Down Under has to offer. 

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