4 Home Improvements That Will Increase Your Home’s Value the Most

A while after you have moved into your home; your kitchen, bathroom or certain parts of your home may need an update. Although your house is yours but intended or not, you may need to sell it.

Due to some factors like location and popularity of market, the value of most homes would continue to rise on their own over the next ten years, but increasing the efficiency with a few adjustments and upgrade would give hype to its value over time.

To most people, their homes are their biggest assets and the current amount or future sale price would be determined by the additional value you give to your home.

Whether you want to maintain your home’s efficiency or get top dollar when you sell, here are four home improvements that will increase your home’s value the most.

Increase the attraction

After years of living in your home, it is expected for the exterior to either go out of date or loss some of its most appealing features. You should take to note how your house looks from the street matters; it is your first chance to make an excellent impression.

The curb appeal raises the value of your home and can get prospective buyers walking through your front door immediately you decide to sell. Your exteriors should be considered first after then you can focus on other parts of the home like the kitchen and bathroom.

Keeping your existing landscape well maintained and less boring than your neighbors gives it more value. Some home improvements to increase curb appeal do not have to be so complicated; it could be just planting flowers or repainting that gets the job done. We recommend you get a lawnmower to maintain a clean and tidy garden comfortably.

Landscaping is probably even the best, easiest and most affordable home improvement that is sure to increase your house value in a year. You may want to take a walk outside your house as soon as you can to create an image of your exterior with blooming flowers, healthy trees or plants, and see that they may just be what you need.

Update your kitchen

When considering the most valuable home improvement, the kitchen is the other major part you should focus on. Replacing cabinet fronts with new styles of wood panels and drawer fronts, upgrading the oven range, cooktops, refrigerators to the newer models and other minor renovations are some of the remodelings your kitchen needs.

Most buyers often like to walk into the kitchen before determining the asking price of the house. Also, an updated household is an obvious desire for homeowners, so they check out the kitchen to know the amount of money required into putting it to shape after purchase.

Admittedly, there is a range of home improvements you can make in your kitchen to increase the value as long as you have the right tools. These upgrades should balance your budget and objective like installing energy-efficient stainless steel appliances, painting cabinets, updating the sinks and faucet, upgrading the flooring or installing new countertops.

Fixing up your kitchen can involve professionals such as plumbers, contractors, electricians and lots of coordinating in other to produce your desired outcome. To keep your budget in check, you can consider installing mid-prices appliances.

Upgrade your bathroom

Making adjustments in your bathroom is another smart move; people want their bathroom to keep them feeling relaxed. Of all the other rooms, it is the main workhorse where a lot of wears and tears takes place.

You do not even need to afford a full remodeling, but there are a few changes you can make such as replacing old wallpapers with the textured finish or updating the old lighting system to better ones that would not dent your wallet.

To keep it functioning well and good looking at the same time, the upgrades are not an option. A section of the bathroom that are susceptible to being affected is the faucet; drop sinks are old styles, consider using the under-mount sinks.

Another part is the countertops that you can replace with granites or marble. The overhead lightings and wall mounts should also function well, be aesthetic and add value to your bathroom. Still on the lighting – set it up, so your mirrors have even lights without casting shadows.

Heated floors are always the best. You can also try out a Zen garden, upgrade the bath area by installing shower body sprays and stone surround tiles. Your house may probably come with only one bathroom so that an additional one would give more value.

Most important of all, keep the bathroom clean and fresh – dirt and grime get embedded in bathroom surfaces so easily; consistent cleaning takes care of it.

Small significant improvements can pay off

As homeowners you can get torn between improving your home value for sales or just for yourself, gone are the days when you pick up and project and start to wonder if it what you are doing is for one of these. Truth is a little bit of both will pay off eventually.

There are some minor fixings and improvements we barely pay attention to; you can personally inspect your home and make lists things to be changed or fixed. The plan can start with lists like:

  • replacing old faucets
  • permanent lightning and doors
  • artworks and window treatments
  • painting bathroom walls
  • upgrade electric plugs and buy a small lamp

…and so on, depending on your inspection.

With plans like this, you will see real progress. These improvements are the minor ones you can carry out yourself and require lesser spending, what you need for a start are some tools like the reciprocating saws, circular saws, drills and impact wrench for constructions or maintenance and multimeter for any electrical work.

When you have spent a bundle on making other upgrades, you can slow down the spending a little by attending to these smaller improvements. 


When carrying out home improvements, do not overdo yourself, set your type of upgrade to one that is reasonable to the market, gives you the most of your renovations and makes sense in terms of cost.

Two main things home improvements would carry out on the house is to increase the living convenience to you and also raise the value of your home to others if you decide to sell your home. About the cost of maintaining or remodeling your house, valuable home improvements are meant to raise the worth of your home.

There are other options of adding to the standards of your home; like installing space heaters or thermostats to control the heating and cooling system of the house. But then, if you plan to renovate, concentrate your energy on the smaller projects that would make your home more appealing and comfortable.

Some people get stairlifts installed

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