4 Helpful Tips To Save a Lot More When Moving

Moving soon? Nothing’s more exciting than getting a fresh start and building a new home away from home. But let’s face it, relocating can be such a tough and expensive experience, especially if you have not planned or prepared for it carefully. You are uprooting your whole life after all! Save yourself the headaches, stress, and shelling out more than you can afford by following these practical moving tips.

1. Declutter Your Items the Marie Kondo Way

Marie Kondo, the popular Japanese organizing consultant is known for her KonMari method in tidying up homes. One important aspect of her minimalist approach is taking out items that do not spark joy anymore. Keep a list of the items you have, determine which of these are worth keeping or have already served its purpose. Make sure that all of the stuff that you intend to bring with you can fit in your new place. Remember to only take what you need. If you have figured out what you want and don’t want to keep, you can:

  • Sell your items on eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and other websites
  • Have a garage sale before moving
  • Give away your extra stuff to friends and family as gifts
  • Donate your stuff to charity

2. Do It Yourself

Yes, this might be a bold move and the whole process can be overwhelming. But if you are moving with only a minimal number of household items within a reasonable distance, the cheapest way to do it is by doing it yourself! Start by getting free boxes from local shops. Use your blankets and pillows as box padding for your fragile items. Call in your friends or family who can help pack and load your belongings into either your vehicle or a rental truck. Only consider self-moving if you don’t have any items that require special handling like a piano, heavy furniture, and other bulky items. Other points to consider when opting for this route:

  • How far are you moving away?
  • How much stuff are you taking with you?
  • Do you have access to the right vehicle to fit your belongings?
  • How much can you spend on gas and/or vehicle rental fees?
  • Are you fully confident and comfortable to do it yourself?

3. Look For the Best Deals Out There

The smartest way to save money is to look for the best available rates and services of professional movers. However, cheap doesn’t always mean it’s good. It’s always recommended to first research on reasonably priced and reputable moving companies to avoid being scammed. Make sure to check online for reviews, estimates, insurance, and license information. This can be very important, especially if it’s your first time. A removal company comparison check on could help you assess your needs and evaluate the service best suited for you. There are tons of deals out there and a variety of moving companies; however, finding out the best deals by reading the reviews and checking if they’re reliable or not, will guide you on the right track. 

Some important things to consider when contracting professional help include:

  • What are their conditions and payment terms?
  • What is included in their service package?
  • What kind of insurance options and types do they provide?
  • Do they offer additional services that you might need?
  • Do they have positive and verified reviews available online?
  • Are they associated with any professional organization?
  • Do they have any history of significant complaints that you should be concerned about?

4.           Schedule Your Move Smartly

When selecting the best time to move, always keep in mind the cost and timeframe. The earlier you plan out your move, the better. If possible, avoid moving during the holidays and summer as rates can be very expensive. Instead, try setting your moving date during off-season dates (from mid-September to April). Weekdays are considerably less busy with moving companies. Moving during the middle of the month is also strongly recommended as the first and last days are always in high demand. Before you pick out the exact date, evaluate if:

  • Are you moving with children who need to stay in school?
  • Do you have to sell your home before moving?
  • How flexible is your schedule?
  • Is this a temporary or long-term move?

Doing everything at the last minute is a recipe for disaster. Moving can be very costly and stressful, but with the right strategy, it doesn’t have to be that way. Careful planning, staying organized and keeping everything in check is the sure-fire way to make sure your move is as hassle-free and practical as possible. Ultimately, the best moving strategy is always up to your convenience and budget. Just keep in mind the practical tips mentioned above, and you’re good to go!

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