4 Fun and Stunning Ways to Wear A Bandana

Did you know that bandanas are back to trend nowadays despite having the origin back to the 18th century? Yes! People are loving bandanas these days, and you will be seeing a lot of women as well as men wrapping a bandana around their wrist or covering their faces. With these new trends coming to life, girls are inventing new ways of tying up bandana to look cool and badass.

It is just a rescue ranger for the days when you have bad hair. Not just that, bandanas can effectively double up as accessories. Get your trendy bandana right now from 4inbandana as they offer a variety of high-quality and comfortable bandanas for different people. 

Here, we are going to look at different ways to tie style bandana, and once you know exactly how to style it, you will find it a more quick and easy way for a glam look.

Wear a Bandana in Your Hair

If you don’t have enough time for shampooing the hair or don’t have dry shampoo in hand, then all you need is a bandana. Apart from camouflaging the unruly and messy hair, it also makes you look stylish instantly. We will discuss the four simple ways to wear a bandana in your hair.

Simple Knot

As the name shows, it is quite a simple way to wear a bandana but can still look stunning.

  • Untangle your hair
  • Tease your hair from the crown
  • Tie your hair in a high ponytail and tease it a bit to give a messy look
  • Wrap your bandana around your head and tie a knot at the forehead
  • Try different variations with a messy bun, left tied down or open, or anything else
  • It looks great with long and short hair both and also open and tied hair

Biker Style

It is called the biker style because men and women tie up a bandana on long drives to protect their hair. It will give you a do-rag look.

  • Brush your hair
  • Tease them a bit with teaser comb
  • Fold the bandana into half and wrap around your head
  • At the crown part, join the loose ends and tie them up

Bandana Bow

This style is the quickest and easy to carry. You need to

  • Brush your hair and tease them to tie a ponytail or messy bun
  • Fold the bandana into a thin band and wrap it around the bun or ponytail from the     neck
  • Tie both the ends at the top of your head
  • Make a bow with the remaining parts
  • It is as easy as tying a shoelace, and you are good to go

Sweatband Bandana

Are you living in a hot area and the scorching heat is unbearable? Then try this style out.

  • Tie your hair up in a chignon updo or ponytail
  • Clip the bun with the bobby pins
  • Fold the bandana to make a thin band
  • Wrap it around the neck from the nape
  • Bring the loose ends together and tie a loop
  • Tuck the ends in and you have got a sweat-band for yourself
  • It is great for hiking and jogging to absorb all the sweat

Wear a bandana in any style to compliment your outfits and change your look instantly.


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