4 Essentials To Have For Covid-19 

Well, we can pretty much guarantee none of us saw the true impacts of Covid-19 coming. Nor did the majority of us expect us to still very much be deep into a global pandemic nearly seven months since the world shut down.

These are crazy times but we are here to help you stay sane and survive Covid-19. While every place seems to have different regulations around what you can or can not do as a result of the pandemic, there are some essential items that you can gather to give yourself the best shot of not only staying healthy but also following the rules put in place by governments.

While many of us have things like first-aid or earthquake kits, there are probably quite a few of us who have still not put together their own Covid-19 kit.

That is what we are here for. To help you get through what is seeming to be a very long and drawn-out pandemic with no real end date in sight yet.

Here are the top four essentials that you should have with you for the remainder of Covid-19.

  1. Hand sanitizer

Seriously, sanitizer is an absolute must and something you have on you at all times no matter where you are or what you are doing. Hand sanitizer is a sure way to kill any germs or diseases (including Covid-19) that you may come into contact with—whether that be at the gym, restaurant, school, shopping mall, or even in your own home. The best thing about hand sanitizer is that it is compact and easy to carry around with you—fitting in your back pocket or backpack.

  1. A cloth facemask

Good news, you can still by stylish during a global pandemic! The majority of public places recommend wearing a face mask in public, so we definitely recommend having one of these with you in case you end up needing it wherever you may find yourself. But you don’t need to simply submit to the depressing and ugly surgical facemasks. Instead, get a comfortable cloth facemask in a design that truly represents your unique personality! It is a great way to let people know that even though they can’t see your smile, you are still smiling.

  1. Water purifier

Rather than stocking up on a ton of water bottles, invest in a water purifier. And while you’re at it, why not get a water bottle with its own purifier inside? That way, you can know that you will always have access to water and be confident that what you are hydrating with is as pure as it comes! Staying hydrated is always important, especially during a health crisis as water ensures your body is able to go into defense mode for you.

  1. Natural supplements

There may not be a cure for Covid-19 yet (although we hear there are a few on the way!), so one of the best things you can do to protect yourself is to fuel your body with all the essential vitamins and minerals that your immune system can use. Those with a healthy and strong immune system are much more likely to not catch or recover more quickly from Covid-19. These natural supplements are also easy to bring with you, so no matter where you are, you can start each day ensuring you are firing up your immune system to help protect you!

We get these are scary and uncertain times. But with these four essential Covid-19 items with you, hopefully, you will feel a little bit better about your chances of riding out this global pandemic and taking the right steps to stay healthy and protected. 


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