4 Different Kinds Of Watches For Your Man

Is his birthday coming up?

Are you trying to surprise him with the perfect present?

Do you want to embellish your man and make him feel special?

Then a watch is the best gift you can give him!

But if you’re not big on watches yourselves or just don’t know much about a man’s watches, you need to learn more about different kinds of watches that exist. Once you know the 4 different kinds of watches to choose from, you’ll be able to select the one that best fits your man’s needs and style!

Dress Watch

As the name suggests, a dress watch is the type of watch that is suitable for formal outfits. This type of watch is normally worn in professional settings so if your man goes to work without a watch, you should consider this for him.

Ideally, a dress watch is simple yet sleek. The key to getting the best dress watch is to look for the following features:

  • A metal dial
  • Thin casing
  • Leather wrist band

Field Watch

Field watches emerged during WWII, which is why they are often called the “trench watches”. Historically, they were worn by soldiers and militants to assist them during warfare. But in the present times, field watches are popular among professional sports players. These watches are also perfect for casual wear, especially if someone likes a chunkier and bold aesthetic.

Since a field watch displays a “rough; tough” look, it should have the following features:

A leather or canvas wrist band

  • Black, protruded dial
  • Glare proof glass
  • Prominent white number listing
  • Lumed hands
  • Hacking second hand

Dive Watch

Originally, a dive watch was created for people who spent time near or underwater. This watch is highly water-resistant, which enabled individuals working in the near-under-water industry to function optimally. However, after the James Bond series, these watches gained popularity! So if your man is inspired by the 007 look, then consider getting this for him!

If you’re thinking of buying a dive watch for your man, then look for the following features in the watch:

  • High-quality rubber or silicone wrist band
  • Waterproof and resistant
  • Clock-wise pivoting Dive Bezel
  • Hard glass or crystal surface for complete protection

Racing Watch

If there is one thing you need to know about a racing watch, it is that they are extremely flashy! This type of watch is specifically fashioned to be flaunted and shown off, so you will have tons of style, dial, and color options when buying it. What makes it so perfect is that it offers both – stylishness and excellent features, which are also found in a field watch. If your man is a fashionva and likes to add boldness to his style, then this is something you should definitely get for him!

Not sure what to look for in a racing watch? Keep the following features in mind when shopping:

  • A chain-styled wrist band, to add that flair and spark to his style
  • A chronograph, which offers a stopwatch system
  • Techymeter for calculating time and distance
  • Reset option with a pusher button

If your man likes hi-tech watches with advanced features, then aviator watches are an excellent choice for him!

Of course, there are other factors such as whether a watch is casual or luxury, minimal or maximal that you need to keep in mind when buying a present for your partner. When buying a watch for your man, look for a design that complements his personality in terms of color, flashiness or sleekness, dial shape and etc. But once you know exactly what “type of watches” there are, you’ll be able to gift him a watch that’s not only attractive but also functional.


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