4 Care Tips To Know After Getting Your First Tattoo

Tattoos are beautiful, creative works of art that sometimes take you to places you didn’t know existed. They have a way of blowing the minds of those deeply into tattoos and are often used as a form of self-expression or representation of something held dearly to whoever is receiving the tattoo.

Whatever your reason may be for getting a tattoo, it is important to be aware of the fact that tattoos need a lot of care and special attention, so if tattoos are a new thing for you, listed below are four care tips that you should know after getting a tattoo for the first time.

1. Keep Your Tattoo Clean And Dry

Keeping your new tattoo clean includes washing it gently at least two (2) times a day with antimicrobial soap and water. Your new tattoo should be dried with a soft, clean towel that can be used to pat the area until it is free from excess water or moisture. After each wash, you must apply an antibacterial ointment to ensure that your new tattoo does not get infected or irritated

2. Do Not Pick Or Peel Scabs

Scabs are regular for new tattoos, and they generally start appearing after five (5) to six (6) days after the tattoo is done. Scabs are a sign of healing, so it is essential to know that you should not try to pick or peel these scabs as doing this is unsafe and will affect the appearance of the tattoo. Your tattoo scabs should be moisturized and left alone until they disappear by themselves.

3. Avoid Direct Heat

Your new tattoo should never be exposed to water that is too hot or direct sunlight. Hot water will not only hurt your skin but will also open up the pores on the tattoo area, which can lead to a higher chance of getting a bacterial infection.

Direct sunlight, however, can cause discoloration and may ruin the features of the tattoo. To ensure that these things do not happen, always wash tattoos with lukewarm water and keep your new tattoo away from direct sunlight as best as you possibly can.

4. Be Patient With Your Healing

Your new tattoo’s healing time depends on the size of your tattoo, the the area in which your tattoo is located, and your body type. Tattoos need time to heal, and rarely does anything speed up the process. It is best to follow your tattoo’s artist advice and wait while time does its course.

There is information about tattoos and the healing process that you must become aware of in the process of taking care of your new tattoo. These pieces of information are vital and will always come in handy and helpful to anyone who is learning about caring for their new tattoo.

You’d want to take tattoo care tips seriously as you don’t want them to be ruined after some time and eventually regret having them. While there are tattoo removal options today, this would mean additional costs. But if it is inevitable, it is better to know how much does tattoo removal cost as well as the procedures involved.

To sum up what was mentioned above, tattoos are very delicate and intricate pieces of art that need to be cared for properly. Always ensure that your new tattoo is kept clean, dry, and away from all forms of direct heat unless it is necessary. Remember to never pick or peel scabs away and be patient with the healing process. Afterall, your new tattoo is now apart of you and should be treated as such; with care, humility and respect.