35 Mothers And Their Mini-Me’s In Training

Mother and daughters have a very special and complicated relationship. For a mother, having a daughter means that she has someone that she will give her legacy too, a little precious person that she needs to teach everything about womanhood. She also gives her the chance and excuse to stay young and girlish a little longer.

For the daughter, the mother transforms into many things over the years. At first, she is her world, her idol and her protector. Afterwards it is her mentor, her stylist and her confidante. There also comes a time when the daughter’s greatest fear is becoming like her mother, but in the end, she always returns to ask for mom’s advice and comfort.

Whatever life brings, mothers and daughters will always stand together, because of the strong bond formed early in life. Take a look at some such precious bounding moments caught on camera.

1. Sleeping Buddies

Sleeping Buddies

2. Everything You Can Do…

Everything You Can Do

3. First Makeup Lesson

First Make-Up Lesson

4. Just Stretching

Just Stretching Our Legs

5. FIrst HomeSpa

First Homemade Spa

6. Getting Ready In The Morning

Getting Ready In The Morning

7. Some Fashion Tips

Getting Some Fasgion Tips

8. Mother Daughter Yoga

Mother Daughter Yoga

9. Outdoor Exercise

Outdoor Workout

10. Kiss Me, Kiss You

Kiss Me, Kiss You

11. Double Mirror Selfie

The Double Mirror Selfie

12. Pffffff


13. Baby Duckface

Baby Duckface

14. Or Fishface


15. Angry Gilrs

Two Angry Girls

16. In Nature

Exploring Nature

17. BFF’s


18. The Most Touching Reunion Ever

The Most Touching Reunion

19. Trailing Water

Trailing Water

20. Double Water Whipped

Double Water Whipped

21. Jump For Joy

Jump For Joy

22. Hitting The Beach

Hitting The Beach

23. The Ballet Lessons

The Ballet Lessons

24. Spinning Around

Spining Around

25. Pink Rock

Pink Rock

26. All That Attitude 

All That Atittude

27. Riding Together

Riding Togeteher

28. I Like Your Style

I Like Your Style

29. Two Summer Suns

Two Summer Suns

30. Sparkling Princesses


31. China Dolls

China Dolls

32. Two Brides

Two Brides

33. Underwater Fantasy

Underwater Fantasy

34. Awaiting The New Arrival

Awaiting The New Arrival

35. Sweethearts


Although every child is dear to the mother, moments like these are what makes having a daughter so special and fun.

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