35 Life-Changing Uses For Aluminium Foil Around The House

Every kitchen has at least one aluminium foil, and what do we usually use it for? Mainly storing food in the refrigerator or wrapping food to keep it fresh when going on picnics. But, do you know the full potential of the aluminium foil?

You will be surprised of just how much uses there are for the aluminium foil around the house. It is impermeable to oxygen and water, it is a good insulator and it has a bright reflective surface, all properties that make aluminium foil useful for many household tas From cleaning to preservation and time saving tricks, the aluminum foil can do it all.

Check out these ways that aluminum foil could make your life so much easier.

Polish Silverware

Polish Silverware

Add foil to the bottom of a glass bowl, add two teaspoons of salt and baking soda with hot water. Dip the silverware into the bowl for five minutes or so, and watch the silverware regain its shine.

Protect Steel Wool

Protect Steel Wool

If you use steel wool pads you can extend their usage by wrapping them up in aluminum foil, and storing them in the freezer to prevent them from accumulating rust.

Clean Pots And Pans

Clean Pots And Pans

If you don’t have a steel wool pad, crumple up a few sheets of aluminum foil and use them to scrape your pots and pans clean.

Shine Jewelry

Shine Jewelry

Dip your jewelry in glass bowl lined with some aluminum foil, water, and Tide detergent to bring back their shine.

Keep Oven Clean

Keep Oven Clean

Before using the oven, cover the racks with aluminium foil so if some of the food bubbles over, the spillage won’t mess the oven.

Make A Flame Tamer

Use as a Makeshift Flame Tamer

Using aluminum foil, you can create a makeshift flame tamer that will stop food from getting burned on the bottom of a pan. Take a large sheet of foil and fold it over into a thick rope. Then form it into a coil that sits an inch or two above your range to diffuse the heat. Don’t leave it unattended.

Make The Perfect Pie Or Burn Free Chicken

Make the perfect pie

Wrap aluminum foil around the edges of your pie crust before baking so it won’t burn. And when baking a chicken, wrap tinfoil around the ends of the legs.

Make Roasting Rack for Tastier, Healthier Bacon

Make a DIY Roasting Rack for Tastier, Healthier Bacon

Create a roasting rack by crimping a folded-over sheet of heavy-duty aluminum foil or several sheets of ordinary aluminium foil..

Enhance Radiator Heat

Enhance Radiator

Take a piece of plywood and wrap it around with a sheet of tinfoil. Place it carefully behind your radiator and it will reflect heat directly into the middle of the room.

Remove Rust From Metal

Remove rust from metal with aluminum foil and water
Rip a piece of foil in squares, dip in water rub the rust away.

Protect Your Child’s Mattress

Protect Child's Mattress

If you have a child potty training, just place some sheets of aluminum foil under the mattress pad. This can help stains from soaking into the mattress.

Soften Brown Sugar

Soften Brown Sugar

Wrap the clumped brown sugar in aluminum foil and bake in an oven at 300 degrees for five minutes.

Seal Plastic Bags

Seal plastic bags with aluminum foil and an iron

Just iron the aluminium foil over the opening of the bag to keep food from spoiling.

Clean Your Grill

Use aluminum foil to clean your grill without chemicals
Ball up a sheet of aluminum foil, and use your tongs to scrape off the char.

Keep Bananas Fresh Longer

Use aluminum foil to keep your bananas from browning too quickly

Wrap aluminum foil around the stems of your bananas to keep them from ripening right away.

Protect Fruit Trees

Protect Fruit Trees

Hang up strips of twisted foil in the branches. The reflection of light and the sound them make blowing in the breeze will scare of the birds off.

Curl Pin-Straight Hair With Aluminium Foil And Flat iron

Use aluminum foil to curl pin-straight hair with a flat iron
The foil will help heat the hair and keep it curled longer.

Sharpen Your Scissors

Use aluminum foil to sharpen your scissors
Cutting into a sheet of aluminum foil will sharpen you dull scissors.

Move Heavy Furniture

Move heavy furniture with aluminum foil
Slide aluminum foil under the corners of your furniture and it should be able to slide with ease.

Cut Your Ironing Time In Half

Cut your ironing time in half with aluminum foil
Because of the foil’s heat absorbing properties, by placing a long strip of aluminum foil on your ironing board under the cover you’ll be able to iron both the front and the back of your garment in one go.

Make A Funnel

Need a makeshift funnel Use aluminum foil.
In a pinch, aluminum foil can be rolled up into a usable funnel.

Glue Loose Vinyl Tile

Glue Loose Vinyl Tile

Place a sheet of tinfoil over loose vinyl tile and press it down with a hot iron. This will melt the glue which will then stick again and glue the tile back down without the iron damaging the tile.

Save Soap

Save Soap

Place foil on your soap dish to keep the soap from sitting in water and quickly wearing away.

Aluminum Foil Dryer Balls

Aluminum Foil Dryer Balls

When you run out of dryer sheets, ball up two feet of aluminum foil into a ball. The aluminum foil will keep the static cling out of your clothes, and a bonus is that it will not leave any scent.

Hide Worn Spots In Mirrors


Disguise small flaws on a mirror’s reflective surface by putting a piece of aluminum foil, shiny side facing out, on the back of the glass. To hold the foil in place, attach it to the backing behind the mirror or to the frame with masking tape. Don’t tape it to the mirror itself.

WiFi Booster

WiFi Booster

Get a stronger connection on your WiFi by bending a piece of aluminum foil into a curve and placing it behind your router.

Make Your Plants Happy

Make Your Plants Happy

Create a sun box using a cardboard box and line three sides and the bottom with aluminum foil shiny side up so that the incoming light surrounds the plant.

Create an Emergency Ice Tray

Create an Emergency Ice Tray

Line the bottom portions smoothly with foil. You can use the tops for lids if you want, but they’ll only be good for one use.

Artist’s Palette

Artist's Palette

Crimp the edges of a sheet of tin foil and you’ve got a perfect disposable tray. For a more durable palette, cut the shape out of cardboard and cover the whole thing in tin foil.

Frosting Dispenser

Frosting Dispenser

Cut a piece of heavy aluminum foil and add the frosting on top of it, then roll it tightly together, and snip a hole at the end of the foil so the frosting can be piped on to the cupcakes.

Make Cookie Cutters & Custom-Shaped Cake Pans

Make Cookie Cutters

Fold over aluminum foil until it’s the proper thickness, shape the foil by tracing it over a drawn pattern of the shape you like and staple it together.

Makeshift Utensils

Makeshift Utensils

Instead of lugging around your whole kitchen to a camping trip, just bring a roll of aluminum foil. The foil can be easily folded into plates and bowls, and even spoons and forks.

Solve Battery Problems

Run out of AA batteries Use AAA batteries and a bit of aluminum foil

Run out of AA batteries? Use AAA batteries and a bit of aluminum foil

Protect Door Handles While Painting

Protect your door handles while painting with aluminum foil

Wrap aluminum foil around your door handle to keep it free from splatter and accidental painting.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting can become dull but if you tape aluminum foil to the inside cover of the light, the bulb will reflect off of it and create a brighter shine.

And this is just part of the many uses of aluminium foil that can help you in everyday tasks.

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