3 Ways to Stay Focused While Working from Home

This past year, many people were forced to contend with a new reality: working from home. At first, it was exciting in its newness. You can work without the constant presence of your boss and wear sweatpants all day? 

But as the year dragged on, and the positive aspects of the situation became commonplace, many started noticing flaws in the whole work-from-home setup. Namely, that it’s hard to concentrate when you’re removed from an office setting. 

In addition to the everyday distractions of life at home, the ever-present stress of the pandemic – the disruption to everyday life and the litany of gloomy news headlines – takes its toll on your concentration. 

In this article, let’s look at a few ways to counteract that lack of focus. By optimizing your personal space, taking care of your body and creating an effective, actionable workflow schedule, you can reclaim your focus. 

Optimize Your Work Setup

Your level of focus is largely determined by your environment. To set yourself up for success, create a dedicated workspace. Try the following:

  • Find a secluded spot – if possible, set your office up in a quiet, private part of the home. Creating a physical division between home life and work life is important. 
  • Eliminate distractions – you know yourself best. Whatever distracts you at work, remove it from your workspace. If necessary, put a lock on social media accounts during working hours. 
  • Make the space comfortable and ergonomic – restlessness and discomfort can make you lose focus. Ensure that your workspace is comfortable, with an ergonomic chair and keyboard rest. 
  • Have everything you need close by – your workspace should be self-contained. It should have everything you need for a focused day close at hand. 

With a dedicated workspace, it’s time to start work. To get your day started with focus and purpose…

Try Lion’s Mane Tea 

Coffee is fine for a quick hit of energy, but when the effects wear off, you may wind up feeling less focused than before. Instead, try a tea made from lion’s mane mushroom powder, which can give you a light boost of energy and a clear head. 

Backing up a step, what is lion’s mane mushroom powder exactly? Lion’s mane is a fungus traditionally used in East Asian medicine and prized for its ability to support cognitive health and function. Try mixing it with hot water for a morning alternative to coffee. 

Work from home

Credit: Ketut Subiyanto Via Pexels

Follow the Pomodoro Technique

You’ve got your dedicated workspace and a cup of brain-boosting lion’s mane tea. Next, turn your attention to workflow. The Pomodoro Technique, a time-management method popularized in the 1980s, is a fantastic way to stay focused. 

It involves breaking your workday up into intervals of work and rest, strategically timed to reduce the impact of both internal and external disruptions. Start by setting a timer for 25 minutes (the act of setting a timer should signal to your brain that it’s time to work). Once the timer is up, you can take a much-needed five-minute break, before starting the process all over again. For more detail, check out this article

Three different approaches, one common goal: to keep you focused throughout the work-from-home day. If you’re struggling to keep your concentration these days, try incorporating all three into your daily routine.

Credit: Craig Adderley Via Pexels

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