3 Ways to Pay Off Unexpected Medical Bills

No matter how frugal, forward thinking, or careful you are with your money, there will inevitably come a time in your life when you need money to pay off unexpected expenses. Unexpected expenses and financial tumult can come in a variety of ways, but some are more common than others.

Common Financial Emergencies

  • House Repairs
  • Job Loss
  • Car Trouble
  • Rent Increase

One of the most common and pressing reasons Americans need money quickly is to pay off unexpected medical bills. Nearly 30 million people in the United States have no medical insurance whatsoever, which makes a large portion of the American population especially susceptible to the financial pitfalls of unexpected medical bills.

Even if you do have insurance, unexpected medical bills can effectively disrupt your budget forcing you to need money that you might not have.

Clearly, unexpected medical bills represent a very real financial challenge to millions of Americans every year.  So, what are you supposed to do when you face unexpected medical bills and either have no medical insurance, or your insurance does not cover the full cost of the bill?

Read the three tips below in order to prevent unexpected medical bills from causing you financial distress.

Title Loans

When you have no medical insurance and face unexpected medical bills, one of the best options to explore when you need money is a title loan. A title loan is a simple, effective, and quick way to get the money you need to pay off unexpected medical bills.

You might be wondering how exactly a title loan works. To fully understand, an example might come in handy. Let’s say you live in Oakland, California. Oakland is an expensive city, so unexpected medical bills—especially if you have no medical insurance—can put a big dent in your budget.

Luckily, title loans in the bay area are plentiful. Simply find a title loan company, bring in your car, car title, and proof of employment to the office and undergo a quick evaluation to see how much you could be approved for. You can walk out mere minutes later with enough cash to pay for your unexpected medical bills.


In addition to the financial help you could get from title loans, crowdfunding or assistance from friends and family can be effective ways to raise the money you need when facing unexpected medical bills with no medical insurance.

Crowdfunding sites help raise roughly $650 million annually for individuals facing unexpected medical bills. This staggering figure proves that thousands of Americans have successfully payed or supplemented payment for medical bills.

Consequently, that means you can explore crowdfunding when facing your own unexpected medical bills without medical insurance to fall back on.

Credit Cards

Due to potentially high interest rates, using a credit card when you need money to cover unexpected medical bills is not ideal. Credit card rates can go as high as 26%, meaning that if you don’t pay your medical bill on time, you can face high monthly payments.

With that being said, when you need money to pay off unexpected medical bills, you might not have a choice. If you are forced to use a credit card, try to stay on top of your monthly payments in order to avoid paying interest on your balance.


Whatever path you decide to take in order to pay off your medical bills, make sure to stay calm and positive. Paying off medical bills can be an incredibly stressful experience, but if you use the tips outlined above you will be able to stay out of debt and stay financially healthy.

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