3 U.S. Regions to Visit to Experience 4 Seasons

There are surprisingly few places in the world that truly experience the classic four seasons of spring, summer, fall, and winter. While some people prefer enjoying warm weather year-round, many like to enjoy change, from colorful flowers that bloom in the spring and the sizzling heat of summer for activities like swimming to the crisp air and vibrant foliage of autumn and watching the snowflakes fall while bundled up inside in a cozy sweater. 

The Rocky Mountain States

In places like Colorado, you can sometimes get all four seasons in just one day. Just recently, Denver area residents were enjoying a beautiful afternoon with temperatures in the 80s. Suddenly, a cold front came in during evening commute traffic, causing temperatures to plummet, as the Washington Post reported. Only eight hours after the record high was set that day, it was snowing. By midnight, the record low was set too, which is why a local meteorologist noted, people here are told to always dress in layers. 

In general, however, the weather can be quite pleasant throughout the Rocky Mountain States with frequent blue skies to highlight dramatic, snow-dusted peaks. 

New England

New England gets four distinct seasons, and each one offers several delights. The summer months are ideal for getting out on the water. Enjoy everything from sailing and swimming in the ocean in Cape Cod to visiting the dozens of idyllic beaches within driving distance of Providence, Rhode Island. You might want to seriously take a look at Providence real estate with the cost of living significantly less than in other cities in the region. 

Of course, the region is famous for its colorful autumn foliage bringing fiery red, brilliant orange and golden hues to the landscape – also an ideal time to experience the harvest and plenty of tasty apple cider. Winter is an excellent time for skiing, with some highly-rated resorts in Vermont, while spring brings wildflowers and baseball, with opportunities to watch the Red Sox and legendary Fenway Park.

The Midwest

The Midwest, generally considered to include the states of Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Missouri, and Indiana (though sometimes others are considered Midwestern as well, like South Dakota), experience all four seasons though they can vary dramatically from state to state. 

Here, you can drive through a forest in many areas and see endless trees with colorful leaves in the fall, as well as enjoy a white wonderland in the winter. If you have kids, they’ll appreciate the snow days off from school, as it’s pretty much a given here, with opportunities to enjoy sledding and tubing on snowy streets and avenues. Come spring new buds will appear, and in summer, they’ll be in full bloom, a time when it can get quite hot, but there’s almost always a lake or river to be found to cool off in. This region is also filled with lots of small towns that tend to have old-fashioned charms while real estate is typically quite affordable.

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