3 Things to Include in the Perfect Gift Basket

Shopping for gifts can be a fun endeavour, especially when the person you are shopping for is a close friend or family member. Knowing that you are picking out an item that will make someone smile is a great feeling. It can be tough at times to find gifts that are equal parts thoughtful, useful, and fun. The next time you are looking to pick the perfect present for a special occasion, why not mix things up entirely and assemble a gift basket?

Gift baskets are a fun way to both make and purchase a present. The fact that you put in the time to find all the items in the basket and them assemble them perfectly will add an air of thoughtfulness to your gift that will surely be appreciated. It is also a great way to spoil someone with multiple gifts.

While your gift basket should be filled with items that are completely personal to the individual you are giving it to, there are a few things that will surely be appreciated no matter who you are gifting it to. Here are three items that you should include in your gift basket.

1. A Gift Voucher

One of the reasons that giving gift baskets is such a great idea is that you have the opportunity to take some chances on a few items with presents that you think the recipient will love. You don’t want to take this concept too far, though, and risk all of the items being a bust. A sure-fire way to ensure that the recipient is overjoyed overall is to include a gift voucher to their favourite shop. 

It still counts as a gift that is personal to them because the voucher is for a store that you know they love, and it is an excellent way for them to treat themselves to an item that they wouldn’t ordinarily have purchased. You can find gift vouchers to many popular shops at

2. Their Favourite Wine or Spirit

Because the occasion for giving a gift in the first place is likely a celebration of some sort, you should definitely consider including a bottle of your friend’s favourite wine or spirit. On its own, such a gift is a bit flat and isn’t something to get too excited over. When it is part of a gift basket, though, a bottle of wine becomes a fun addition to an incredibly thoughtful gift. If you want to keep your budget on the lower side, see if you can find a miniature bottle that will fit perfectly inside the basket.

3. A Sweet Treat

Another item that should definitely find its way into your gift basket is a sweet treat that you know your friend will love. Try to find something that is a bit more decadent than they would ordinarily go for, like a gourmet cookie instead of simple chocolate chip. Something sweet always makes an excellent addition to any gift basket.

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