3 Things All Smart Women Keep in Private Forever

It’s not that smart women are secretive and don’t let anyone in their lives, but there are some things they are not willing to share with the others.

Most of them keep their darkest side, or next move, or their income. Some of these women call themselves smart for keeping their love life completely private.

I’m up for that, but I don’t know if “secret” is the right word for it. I would say that all of us want to stay active in those parts of our lives.

It’s good to let the others know that there is a line they are forbidden to cross despite how much they want to go in.

3 Things All Smart Women Keep in Private Forever
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That place is reserved for those you feel will be around for the rest of your life and won’t share that secret with the others.

People always want to sneak around and make you feel uncomfortable about not telling them something you want to keep private. They use words like “I’m your best friend; you can trust me; I thought we are sharing everything; etc.”

However, strong women tend to keep that in private whether the third party gets mad or something like that.

Let’s see what the most common things smart women keep in private until the rest of their lives:


Keeping the profit private has its upsides. It came from previous experiences when women were sharing every detail about it. You can test it out. Tell your friend how much you make and see that difference in her face right away.

At the end of the day, what momma doesn’t know, momma doesn’t care. By not sharing this private thing with the others, you are closing the door of the others envying you.

Keeping the income private makes you feel comfortable the other people. You won’t feel obligated to pay for the dinner or drinks because you are making more than the others.

At the end of the day, smart women keep their income private because they know the downside of revealing their income.

Next Move

3 Things All Smart Women Keep in Private Forever

Sharing your next move could drag you down. Getting a second opinion about it could mean changing the approach or affecting the whole decision. When it comes to making a move on your own, you focus only on the goal.

Sharing details about the next move could hamper the initial plans, as well. Smart women know that if a change is made to the first scheme, you are not that strong and let other opinions modify the path of your decision.

Love Life

The risk of letting others know too much about your love life are comparisons, competitiveness, jealousness, and more.

It’s better for women to keep their romantic life in their back pocket.

If not, you are letting the others use that information and hurt you whenever they see an opening about it.

There you go. Do you agree with what the smart women do?

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I want to hear your opinion on this one.

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