3 Steps to a Happy Divorce

There are a lot of talking points out there on how to live a happy life after a divorce. Some of the suggestions most people have, include co-parenting, dating again, etc. But what about the period you’re going through the divorce? Sadly, going through a divorce can prove to be a time consuming process that can even take years. With an aim to help parties have a happy divorce process, Dr. Lisa Kaplin shared these three easy steps to follow with HuffPost:

Look at it from a positive point of view. The spouse leaving the other doesn’t matter at this point. Just tell yourself that the divorce is for the greater good. Even if you’ve fully not let go after years of attachment, that sort of mentality won’t assist you. Remember why you are getting the divorce to begin with. Holding onto the past during the divorce process and wishing for things to go back how they used to be won’t do you any favors and you’ll only end up getting hurt when all’s said and done. If you’ve got serious anger or resentment towards your partner, you should consider getting professional assistance (counseling).

Just fake it till you get over it. It’s among the simplest ways to change your attitude. If you consistently tell a kid something they don’t necessarily believe in, they’ll eventually believe it. Same case here. Just keep reiterating that things will be fine and that they’re good things in store for you ahead and you’ll gradually start looking forward to those moments. It’s all in the mind.

Do NOT give up on your happiness. Don’t tell yourself that after the divorce you won’t be able to find love ever again. You will still find somebody that deserves your love. You aren’t too old. Just think of it as a fresh start!

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