3 Quick Fixes to Extend the WiFi Range in Your Home

It may not actually be a biological requirement for human survival like air, water, and food. But it sure can feel like it sometimes, right?

WiFi has become that essential to our daily lives. Any time the signal seems a little weak for even a few minutes (or God forbid cuts out altogether), we usually get not just frustrated but anxious. How can I stream Netflix like this?!?! Fix it now!!! On some level, we could probably learn to chill out just a little bit. But c’mon. This is 2019. We need that connectivity — and we need it right now.

Especially at home, everyone would like to have a stronger and more reliable signal no matter where they are located in the house. The connection needs to be just as good in the living room as the bedroom, and we even want it to be flawless out in the garage or in our “backyard office.”

At some point, the connection will only reach so far. But you should be able to achieve a reasonable distance, and there are some quick ways that you may be able to extend your WiFi range even farther. If you’re continually finding yourself without suitable connectivity, try a few of the following tips.

1. Troubleshoot Your Router

Your router is what emits the WiFi signal. If you aren’t getting much range, chances are that it is the culprit, and there are a few obvious ways to troubleshoot the problem to see if there could be an easy fix. First off, try moving it around. There are obstacles that sometimes block radio waves. Oddly, a cement wall may be no problem at all but then something that seems like it should not present any issue proves problematic. Other times, the location isn’t the problem, but there is something faulty with the antennae. This is usually easy to replace, so try that before moving on to more drastic solutions.

2. Replace the Router

If a new location or pieces don’t seem to change you weak WiFi situation, you may need to get a new piece of equipment altogether. The good news is that this is usually something your provider can do, so it doesn’t require any knowledge about the device from your end. Getting a new box will likely require setting up an appointment and waiting for a technician, but top-quality providers do respond quickly and it is definitely worth a short wait if this can fix all your problems.

3. WiFi Range Extender

One popular way to extend WiFi range is through an aptly named “WiFi range extender” device. These are made by a variety of manufacturers and really can help. If the router — or even the underlying signal from your provider — is the root of the problem, this may not solve all your issues. But especially if there are simply quirky “dead zone” areas of your home that just won’t seem to carry a signal properly, one of these can help.

Getting the Range You Need

There are certainly worse problems to face. But nobody should have to suffer through long hours of weak WiFi connectivity. It can make it impossible to get work done or just ruin well-deserved downtime.

If you find yourself confronting this modern scourge, there are a few things to try. First, look to troubleshoot your router by moving it around or replacing the antenna. If that doesn’t work, you might need to replace the equipment. And if nothing else seems to fix the issue, pony up a few bucks are see if a WiFi range extender does the trick.

We all love our WiFi. We may even be low-level addicted to it. But there is no shame in admitting it. So when the going gets tough, don’t settle for a bad connection. Look into these quick fixes and they may just save the day.

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