3 Longest Pole Saws For Tree Pruning

A long pole saw is the best for pruning trees and also make sure that your yard is neat. However, there are lots out there to choose from so you need to know which you should pick. If you want to get one, you should make an informed decision by going through pole saw reviews. You might not have time to check out all the pole saws in the market, so we’re here to offer you a pole saw review.

1. Silky 179-39

This pole saw has a 4-pole system that can help you reach the long-distance of 8 feet to 21 feet, which amounts to the working distance of 26 feet. That is the farthest distance a pole saw can reach. The make is one of the best as the blade is created from Sk4 high carbon steel metal and has 5.5 teeth per inch teeth form. It also has a hook on the edge that helps you get rid of weeds and cut out branches out of a tree more comfortably. Despite its breathtaking abilities, Silky 179-39 is very light to carry because of the aluminum used for the pole. It can be used for all landscaping jobs.

2. Jameson LS-6PKG-6

This pole saw is well built and lasts long as it is made of wood, which makes it a bit heavy. It has an 18-foot reach, and a Barracuda Tri-cut saw blade. Because it is well-built, you can operate it efficiently. It has a three 6′ poles, and a 16-inch saw blade that lets it reach the length of 18 feet. This is something most pole saws aren’t able to do. This pole saw cuts pretty neatly because of its Barracuda Tri-cut saw blade that was a copy of the big, tropical fish with a svelte shape and big teeth. Although the grip isn’t too comfortable, a pair of gloves could sort that out. You can use this pole saw for serious cutting and even for business purposes.

3. Maxtra

Maxtra is a gas pole saw that has a pole that is 11.4-ft long and a 10-inch cutting bar. This will be very helpful in reaching the topmost branches of your tree without the help of a ladder. It also has a powerful 42.7cc 2-cycle engine with QuickStart technology. It’s also simple to use to cut off a branch as thick as 10 inches. The user was definitely in mind when this saw was being made, and it has a handlebar that prevents it from slipping and also a shoulder strap that helps to make working more comfortable and avoid too much tiredness. For longevity of the engine, it was designed with an air filter and a 2-position-choke. It is also equipped with a throttle lock-out and a muffler shield that helps prevent casualties. Although it is quite noisy, it is a little price to pay for its efficiency.

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