3 Kinds of Trips to Take if You’re Traveling on a Budget

Some of the richest experiences people have while growing up are when they’re on a trip with their families, exploring a different place with a different culture. If you’re thinking about taking your kids on a trip, you might be overwhelmed at the costs involved. Some trips can be pretty pricey, but if you’re working with a smaller budget, you can still start packing your bags because there are plenty of trip options out there. 

Here are three kinds of vacations you can plan for your family that won’t obliterate your bank account. 

1. A Road Trip

One of the most adventurous family-style trips you can take is a good old fashioned road trip. Pack up and head out on the open road, stopping at whatever sights and cities you want to along the way, spending as much time in each place as you like. The beauty of road trips are that you can experience your trip exactly as you want to on your own schedule at your own pace. 

To make it even more exciting (and save a bit of cash on hotels) you could get a small RV rental to drive around instead of the family vehicle. Not only would it be more spacious and more comfortable than the family car, you could use it as your nightly accommodations and have the freedom to stay anywhere along your route. Plus, you can cook your own meals to help lessen the cost of dining out every day. 

2. All-Inclusive Beach Vacation

Maybe you’d rather take it slow and spend your vacation relaxing instead of going on an adventure. An all-inclusive holiday in the Caribbean is the perfect vacation for you. You can often find cheap flight and hotel packages by using a travel comparison website to see which is the best deal at any given time. Since your trip is all-inclusive, you won’t have to worry about spending a lot on food and drinks while you’re there and can instead use that money for an activity or excursion. 

3. Camping

For the outdoorsy families, camping in national parks can be an affordable way to get out there and explore. The camping fees are often incredibly low (think somewhere in the realm of $15 a night) and you can bring your own groceries and camping gear to minimize costs even further. 

Camping is a good way to decompress from technology and unwind from all the stresses of normal, everyday life. You don’t need to be a weathered outdoors person to have a good experience camping, as long as you have all the equipment you need. Even if you don’t want to sleep in a tent, you can still go camping in national parks, as most of them have cabins available for rent. Whether you’re camping in a tent, in an RV or in a cabin, you will have the chance to fall asleep under the stars. Most campsites will also have family-friendly activities, such as kayaks or canoes for rent, so you can keep your kids occupied and engaged. 

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