3 Ideas for Using Decorative Molding to Upgrade a House

Decorative molding is way one of the ways you can upgrade your home and an ultimate look. It can be used in different places around the house to change the look or function of an area. This blog post will discuss three ideas for using decorative molding to make your home more beautiful and functional.

1) Decorative Molding around the Front Door

The first place you can use decorative molding is on your front door. If you have a blank wall right in front of your doorway, then adding decorative molding to this space will instantly add style and character to the exterior of your home. You can paint or stain it any color that works with the rest of your house’s design, so there are many options here.

Putting up new doors might also be an option if you want to ultimately change how this area looks. There are several different styles out there, including French glass doors, traditional wood-framed glass doors, and more modern sliding entryway systems, which all work well for homes that need some updating when it comes to their entrance.

2) Decorative Molding around the Fireplace

Another place you can use decorative molding is in front of your fireplace. This area will often be blank or have a mantle, so adding new trim will look beautiful and update this space. You can paint it to match other parts of your home’s interior design choices, such as choosing white for an all-white living room or using similar colors from what is on the walls if you want something that ties everything together nicely.

You could also consider painting over your existing mantelpiece with a fresh coat of color since many homes have outdated wood finishes from years past. If there are any cracks along the sides where two pieces come together at 90-degree angles, fill them in before repair and painting.

Adding a new mantel to an old fireplace is another option if you want something that matches the style of your home and decor choices without having to paint over what’s already there entirely. If you have existing brick or stone along this part of your living space, adding a wood-framed mantle will blend perfectly and look like it has always been there.

3) Decorative Molding in the Stairway

The final place you can use decorative molding is around stairs. This will give them a more polished look, especially if there are no railings up along this part of your home already. Adding trim here means that it won’t be as much work to change old carpet or linoleum with something new down the road since you have an area that looks nice without needing anything else done.

You could also consider adding railing posts on either side of these steps, making using decorative molding unnecessary. However, taking the time to do things like sand and paint wooden railings to match what you want for your interior design theme will require extra effort but result in a beautiful, long-lasting finish.

Decorative molding is an easy way to upgrade your home for a reasonable price without needing too much work done around the house. You can make simple changes that drastically improve the room’s look or give them new functionality by using decorative molding. Now you have three ideas to jumpstart any project you consider upgrading your interior design choices with beautiful and functional decor.