3 Home Safety Checks You Can Do in Minutes

Amidst the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life, it’s easy to overlook safety issues in your home. With these three simple checks, however, you can improve your home’s safety quickly and easily. If you’re short on time, don’t panic. These three checks take just minutes to perform and will give you unrivalled peace of mind.

1. Fire Alarms

Having smoke, fire or heat alarms installed in your property is non-negotiable. If you don’t already have them, you can pick them in most supermarkets, online or free via numerous charities. The fire brigade will even pop round and install them for you, if you’re unable to do this yourself.

Many modern fire alarms last for years but you still need to check them regularly. With a test button situated on the alarm itself, it takes seconds to ensure they’re working.

2. Electrical Outlets

Spending a few minutes in a darkened room might sound like the ideal way to get some peace and quiet, but you don’t want to risk losing power to your home! It’s becoming increasingly common for people to inadvertently overload their electrical circuits at home, which is a major safety risk.

Although surge-protected extension leads can be used, don’t attempt to treble the number of outlets in your home by using them in every socket. Furthermore, never risk plugging one extension cord into another in a bid to get more power. Make note of any power cuts, flickering lights or broken sockets, as this may indicate an underlying problem. If in doubt, contact a professional electrician for advice.

3. Blinds and Curtains

Sadly, blind cords have been the cause of many tragic accidents involving children, so this is a safety tip you can’t afford to miss. Although they may seem innocuous, young children can easily get tangled up in blind cords or even long curtain tie backs. Be on the safe side and switch blind cords and tiebacks for child-friendly alternatives. In addition to this, ensure you place them out of reach so they’re not in the way when kids are nearby.

Protecting Your Home and Your Family

Raising a family and running a household can be exhausting, particularly for single parents. Although it may seem overwhelming at times, keeping your property safe will take a weight off your mind. There are many simple safety checks that you can carry out yourself, and most won’t take longer than a few seconds to perform.

As well as making your home safer, you’ll also want to protect your property and belongings by doing a home insurance comparison. Use online tools to compare quotes and you’ll be able to check out the most cost-effective policies in minutes. Quotezone is a great place to start as they give you instant access to over 50 UK providers. An unexpected accident or domestic disaster could lead to costly bills, so having the right home insurance is a great way to protect your finances, as well as your property.

With plenty of advice available online, maintaining your home and keeping your family safe needn’t be a time-consuming task, so why not get started today?

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