3 Do’s and Don’ts If You Want to Sell Your House Quickly

Not only is house selling stressful, but it can also take a long time, especially if you’re stuck in a chain or your property is less desirable.

So, what do you do if you’re short on time and need a quick house sale? Maybe you’re relocating for work, changing a relationship, or you’ve inherited a property that needs to be sold quickly.

If you want to sell your property quickly then here are three do’s and don’ts that will hopefully help you secure a buyer.


#1 Make a good first impression

Most people spend less time deciding whether to buy a property than they do when shopping for a mobile phone or sofa. This means, you really don’t have a huge window of time to impress your prospective buyers. And their opinion about your property will be forming from the second they arrive at your gate, before they’ve entered your home. So, make sure the front of your property is neat and tidy—add a few plant pots to spruce the area up and make it more welcoming.

#2 Declutter

The process of decluttering is so much more than just tidying up. When someone is looking around your home, they don’t want to see all your things lying around—it’s a big turn-off. Make sure you deep clean first, and then clear all shelves and worktops. Remove any large pieces of furniture, take away kids toys, and empty kitchen draws and store away clothes in your wardrobes.

#3 Add a lick of paint

There’s nothing better than freshly painted walls to breathe new life into an old property. Just make sure you go for neutral shades (avoid white and magnolia). If you want to go one step further, paint a feature wall in a darker shade to create more impact. Also, you can paint old kitchen cupboard doors, and outside garden furniture.


#1 Inflate the value

Buyers are a savvy bunch these days, so there’s no point in overpricing your property. They’ll be more than aware what the correct price for your home should be, so don’t’ try to hoodwink. Instead, make sure you do your own market research and find out how much similar properties are being sold for in your area. Also, you can easily put buyers off by overvaluing your home, and as a result miss out on viewings. Be realistic and honest.

#2 Post bad photos

Most buyers these days start their search for a new home online. Good pictures are even more important than ever before. This is your opportunity to sell your home so showing off its best features is vital if you want to entice buyers to view it. So, don’t post blurry, wonky photos with pictures of rubbish in them—prospective buyers will immediately click away from your listing.

#3 Let your personal taste takeover

Just because you might have a love for retro posters or wall hangings, your buyers might not. When they view your property, they want to envision themselves living in it. So, it’s important to create a neutral space that doesn’t scream you loudly that it makes prospective buyers want to leave. Also, remove all personal items like family photographs, your CD collection and any holiday souvenirs.

Need advice on how to sell your home fast?

If you don’t want to use a traditional estate agent, don’t worry there are plenty of other options available to house sellers these days. And, if you want a fast sale without any stress then companies like House Buy Fast will not only deal with all the paperwork on your behalf but also make sure the transaction occurs quickly and smoothly.

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