3 Best Waxmaid Water Pipes-New Arrivals In 2021


Visiting a vape store to see the kind of water pipes available is a good idea. What you want may, however, end up evaporating from your head once you get the variety. The sizes range from the huge bongs to the mini ones that the enthusiasts love more due to the size.

With all the mixed up decisions you have to make, how about we help you make a decision. We have the best 4-in-1 water pipe selections, all from Waxmaid. They are so versatile that you can even alter some of them to be 3-in-1.

Let’s see the best three water pipes Waxmaid offers and why every other designer wants to copy their design.

Waxmaid 9.3 Inch 4-in-1 Silicone Glass Double Percolator Water Pipe 

The first one on the list is a 4-in-1 water pipe that helps you get better hits and cools down the smoke before getting to you. Are you feeling the coolness already? Then here is what you get from the silicone glass double percolator water pipe.

It’s 9.3 inches tall with a broader base than the unit going for 3.4 inches in diameter. The holder on the sides has a 14mm diameter and can accommodate the dab rig connector. So, whether you want to hit while at the top or on the side, it will truly serve the purpose.

The double percolator water pipe has platinum cured silicone material defining its make. That allows you to use it without worrying about the glass breaking due to the enhanced protection. It’s also food safe certified, and the FDA has already approved it.

There is a second glass percolator that you can get rid of if you don’t want to cool down the smoke. However, it helps ensure that the smoke circulates in the chamber a few times before reaching you. That’s how it achieves the ‘cool smoke effect.’

Waxmaid 9.3 Inch 4 IN 1 Silicone Glass Water Pipeisalsoa Nectar Collector

So, whether you want to smoke-dry or have the filtering effect, the 4-in-1 water pipe allows both ways. Removing the percolator makes it a 3-in-1. The ease of removal and fitting is necessary when cleaning. 

The combination of silicone and glass also serves another purpose apart from breaking protection. It also gives you the smoke view as you collect it from the rig. On the side, there is a magnet to keep the dab tools in place.

Waxmaid 4 IN 1 dual percolator silicone waterpipe bubbler

Don’t worry if it will get lost or not since the magnet is strong enough to hold the lighter dab tools. Once you are done, the dab stick can go to its groove on the base for storage. The base is also wider here to prevent accidental knock-offs.

The package’s inclusions include a 4-in-1 percolator water pipe with the silicone downstem, a glass bowl and a nectar collector. There are also clear instructions on how to clean and maintain it.

Waxmaid 12” Crystor S Transparent Silicone Double Percolator Water Pipe with Ice Catcher

Waxmaid has more silicone water pipes, and here is the Crystor S version that is fully transparent apart from the mouthpiece you will be using at the top. This is a double percolator, though with a height of 12 inches.

The top mouthpiece is bent for better mouth positioning and to keep it shorter for the travelling sake. The material on the Crystor S model is also platinum-cured silicone which is also certified as food safe. The FDA has also approved it to be durable and solid too.

Waxmaid Crystor Percolato Water Pipe

It also circulates the air severally in the main chamber before getting to you, hence the cooling effect. That is enabled by the dual design on it, and there is more to beautify the experience.

The Crystor S comes with an ice catcher, which you use in the base chamber. You can add ice there, as the name suggests, giving you more filtration as you toke. The lower part’s body is fully transparent, making the smoke visible as it circulates and lifts.

The lower part of the transparent body is wider to prevent falling from accidental light knock offs. Before taking a hit, you may want to load the dab and ensure that it stays in position. This silicone double percolator water pipe has a magnet on the downstem to hold the lighter tool in place at the top.

Waxmaid Crystortobacater pipes

Using it easy since it involves assembling the honeycomb percolator before adding water via the downstem. You can water at the top too via the mouth tube, but for a better experience, that’s where you put the ice.

Cleaning the Crystor S is easy, but you need to do it after every session for easiness and keep it tidy. It is dishwasher safe, and boiling is also not a problem. If you prefer the freezer, that’s also another way to maintain it. We cannot recommend using alcohol since it may have damaging effects after some time.

Waxmaid 8.5” Horn Silicone Glass Water Pipe

We are closing down the three best with another option that you cannot disregard. It’s the Waxmaid Horn silicone glass water pipe that represents the first evolution of smoking rigs. It’s shorter at 8.5 inches, and that makes it a good carrying companion.


Despite coming into third place, the Waxmaid Horn has more than 75000 proud owners, and the numbers are still rising.  That means they have nothing wrong with using the platinum-cured silicone make.

It’s also food-safe, and the FDA agrees with it more than 100%.  The shape makes it looks like a horn, and it’s that simple. The top part serves as the mouthpiece, while the glass bowl goes somewhere below the water pipe.

While it’s just that, the results are overwhelming. It’s a small cloud machine when you start using it. If you like the big inhales with a cooling water effect, then the Waxmaid Horn will be a faithful companion.

Waxmaid Horn silicone glass water pipe 6 colors

The design is composed of a large glass with a surrounding silicone body. The rest involves the downstem and the dab tool. Water goes into the large glass compartment while you get the hits at the top. It’s easy to remove the glass when it’s time to clean.

Waxmaid-Hornsilicone glass water pipe bubbler

You can view the smoke as it rises to you. The ease of glass removal also quickens the cleaning process. There are clear instructions on cleaning it using concentrated alcohol, but that is the only major task you will have. After that, joining it together and taking the hits will be a smooth journey.


Now, we have eased the anxiety and confusion you had when visiting the vape store. You can start with a 4-IN-1 water pipe at the top to get a versatile experience. If not, a Crystor S water pipe has the ice catcher for a more remarkable effect.

If not, then proceed with the Waxmaid Horn that creates cool but voluminous clouds in your lungs.