3 Basic Types Of CBD Vaporizers

There are three basic types of cannabis vaporizers which are favourites in the vastly growing market of hemp and hemp-related products. As you select the vaporizer for concentrate products for you, know about what kind of vapes are to your preference.

1. Dry Herb Vaporizer

This is among the most notable and most popular of them all. Dry herb vaporizers are an innovation in the realm of vaping because they are able to extract and preserve cannabinoids and terpenes directly from their organic source— hemp. 

There are various types of heating mechanisms which categorize dry herb vaporizers into 3: Convection, Conduction, and Hybrid

Convection is a process wherein hot air is released by the vaporizer, and this hot air is what heats up the hemp. Conduction, on the other hand, is a method wherein the device directly heats the dry herb. And finally, vapes with hybrid heating mechanisms have both convection and conduction capabilities. 

2. Concentrate And/Or Wax Vapes 

Wax vapes work almost in the same manner in which dry herb vaporizers do. Their chambers directly heat up the wax or concentrate so that their vapours are drawn out for inhalation. They also have a similar make in terms of structure, except that their vape chambers are sealed, to prevent wax leakage. 

There are users who prefer wax vaporizers because of the speed they offer in terms of releasing potent aromas. Since concentrates take a relatively shorter time to heat up, their vapours can be released in a much shorter time than average. 

There are those who have observed that heated concentrates release stronger elements once vaporized. Thus, it is recommended that if you proceed with caution and assess your tolerance of the byproduct of this kind of vape. 

3. THC Oil Pens

Third on this list are oil vapes. Then again, according to experts, they are comparable to their concentrate and/or wave vape cousins. Often referred to as oil pens, they function exactly the way concentrate vapes do. Only, oil vapes usually necessitate very specific types of oil-based vaping products. 

Let us clarify that oil pens for essential oils versus that of oil-based cannabis are for different uses. Essential oil-vapes are mainly for aromatherapy or for making a room smell fragrant. Therefore, their heating levels are very low. 

Additionally, setting essential-oil pens’ heating levels beyond their median will cause the oil to burn up too quickly. This may lead to the release of harmful compounds caused by “burning”. In which case, they are not to be utilised for oil-based cannabis vaping. Use a separate vape with the function of hemp-oil vaping for the latter. 

Choosing The Cannabis Vaporizer For You 

The best approach towards choosing the ideal vape for you will revolve around what you will use it for, how often, and the level of potency you are able to withstand whenever you take a drag.

Alongside these, take into consideration the kind of cannabis product you have the most accessibility to (in terms of ease of purchase) as well as your preference of oils, concentrates, waxes, dry herbs, you name it. 

For newbies, you can ask your seller about vape pens and vaporizers that are best suited for you, so that you get to ease yourself into CBD vaping a step at a time.