29 Traditional Easter Recipes From Around The World

Easter is one of the greatest holidays in Christianity. It doesn’t matter if you’re following the Catholic, Orthodox or any other teachings of the Christian religion, we all celebrate Easter, albeit in a slightly different manner.

Each country has its own way of celebrating this glorious holiday, with its own set of customs and traditions, and that includes traditional dishes. In the USA no Easter dinner is complete without a ham, while in many European countries, the dinner table is filled with foods that don’t contain meat or any animal products, in accordance with their fasting rituals that are uphold for the 40-days Great Lent.

Take a look at the traditional dishes in different countries around the world and how they are prepared.

Fanesca – Easter Soup From Ecuador

Ecuado Fanesca

Recipe via laylita.com

Kulich- Easter Bread Made In Russia And Ukraine


Recipe via sbs.com.au

Mämmi – Finnish Easter Pudding


Recipe via cookingfinland.blogspot.com

Easter Ham – USA

Easter Ham

Recipe via finecooking.com

Easter Bun And Cheese – Jamaica

Jamaica – Bun and Cheese

Recipe via sams247.com

Capirotada -Mexican Easter Bread Pudding

Mexico Capirotada

Recipe via muybuenocookbook.com

Torta Pascualina – Puff Pastry From Argentina

Argentin Torta Pascualina

Recipe via southamericanfood.about.com

Advocaat – Easter Eggnog From The Netherlands


Recipe via drinks.seriouseats.com

Hot Cross Buns – UK Easter Buns

hot cross buns

Recipe via jamieoliver.com

Ma’amoul – Lebanon Easter Cookies


Recipe via wanderingspice.com

Fesikh – Dried Salted Fish Form Egypt


Recipe via egyptian-food-recipes.com

Casatiello – Italian Easter Bread

Italy Casatiello

Recipe via ciaoitalia.com

Boiled Eggs with Shrimp – Sweden


Recipe via positivelystacey.com

Osterchüechli – Easter Pie From Switzerland

Switzerland – Osterchüechli

Recipe via almondcorner.blogspot.co.uk

Babka Wielkanocna – Easter Bunt Cake From Poland

Poland – Babka Wielkanocna

Recipe via easteuropeanfood.about.com

Bacalhau à Gomes de Sá – Brazilian Salt Cod Dish

Brazil – Bacalhau

Recipe via allrecipes.co.uk

Osterschinken im Brotteig – German Ham Wrapped  In Bread


Recipe via kochenundkueche.com

Le Gigot d’Agneau Pascal – French Lamb


Recipe via frenchtoday.com

Cape Malay Pickled Fish -South Africa

Cape Malay Pickled Fish

Recipe via allrecipes.com

Paskaegg – Chocolate Eggs From Iceland


Recipe via cocinillas.es

Obe Eja – Nigerian Fish Soup

Nigeria Frejon with Obe Eja

Recipe via avartsycooking.com

Vellayappam – Rice Pancake From India


Recipe via dinetable.com

Osterlamm – Easter Lamp Shaped Cake From Germany

Osterlamm Germany

Recipe via kitchenlioness.blogspot.com

Torrija- Bread Slices From Spain


Recipe via spanishfood.about.com

Simnel Cake – Easter Dessert From Ireland

Simnel Cake [Ireland]

Recipe via bbc.co.uk

Pizza Chena – Italian Pizza Pie

pizza chena

Recipe via italianfoodforever.com

Paçoca de Amendoim – Easter Peanut Candy From Brazil

Pa oca de Amendoim

Recipe via southamericanfood.about.com

Paskha- Russian Easter Farmers Cheesecake

Paskha [Russia]

Recipe via food.com

Tsoureki – Easter Bread From Greece

Greece Tsoureki

Recipe via smoothfm.com.au

Make sure to try out some of these traditional dishes for your Easter dinner.

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