28 Heartwarming Images Of Mothers With Their One-Day Young Babies

Childbirth is the most painful thing a woman will experience in her lifetime, and it can happen more than once. All the pain and suffering is forgotten once the mother is introduced to her baby for the first time and it is placed in her waiting arms. The bond that happens between them at that moment is something that will last a lifetime.

The first 24 hours after giving birth are difficult to explain, especially for a first child. The body is going trough so many physiological and hormonal changes, leaving the mother in total chaos and utterly exhausted. Yet, you won’t see a single mother complaining or frowning at this period. They are all radiant, shining with motherly love, finaly understanding what our mothers have been telling us all along.

For years photographer Jenny Lewis has been photographing day-old mothers with their newborns, capturing their strength, determination, and gentleness their showing, neglecting their own aches and pains, because that’s what mother’s do.

See the earnest and wonderful images of mothers with their fragile treasures.

Theresa and Tommy

theresa and tommy

Tara and Penelope

tara and penelope

Rae and Renwick

rae and renwick

Nicola and Verity

nicola and verity

Leanh and Lachlan

LEANH and lachlan

Katharina and Tito

Katharina and titp

Jhanne and Llily

jhanne and llily

Jenny and Nora

jenny and nora

Jenny and Max

Jenny and max McCoubrey

Chieska and Floyd

chieska and floyd

Bertie and Alma

bertie and alma

Helen and Hudson

helen and hudson

Hazel and Ruby

HAZEL and ruby

Anna and Sky

Anna and sky

Laurie and Tyrick

LAURIE and tyrick

Liana and Archer

LIANA and archer

Gemma and Reuben

gemma and reuben

Marley and Etta

Marley and etta

Lara and Martha

LARAand martha

Joti and Kiran

joti and kiran

Lorna and Josephine

lorna and josephine

Rosie and Buddy

rosie and buddy

Hannah and Romilly

hannah and romilly

Laura and Finn

Laura and finn

Kim and Perseus

kim and perseus

Dilek and Noah

dilek and noah

Clemmie and Imogen

clemmie and imogen

Jenny and Suki

jenny and suki

This is the beginning of motherhood.

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