New Sexy Body By Completing This 28-Days, 1 Exercise Challenge

One exercise to rule them all! No, seriously. This is a 28-days challenge that gives unbelievable results.

Thousands of people are already attached to this workout routine. You can do it in your home. The best thing is that it’s really quick and effective.

What’s the name of the exercise? – Most of you already heard about it and do it as part of your workout routine. I’m talking about the plank.

Accept this 28-days challenge and see how your body transforms. Get yourself in shape by doing a simple plank.

1 exercise, 4 minutes, 28 days. That’s all you need. Do you think you can do it? – You can’t complain that you don’t have time now.

Let’s head over and see what’s the big deal with this exercise.

Why I said to rule them all? – Because it activates all of your muscles. It’s a great exercise for strengthening your core. People skip this exercise because they think it’s too easy to do.

Try doing it for a longer period of time and call me after that to tell me it’s that easy.

By doing plank, you melt more fat deposits than while doing sit-ups. Plus, you are strengthening the internal and external muscles on the back and core. Your butt, arms and legs will also feel strengthening pressure.

You’ll feel reborn after doing this exercise.

This 28-days challenge has been designed for 4 weeks. You need to increase the time gradually every day.

The first step is holding the plank position for 20 seconds. The last step is to achieve the 4-minute plank or as long as you can hold it on. It should be non-paused plank.

After achieving this challenge, your body is ready to take on bigger challenges. Your core will “survive” all types of muscle mass exercises.

Before I show you the time-frame, it’s important to know that you need to practice the correct plank position.

Practice makes perfect. Lift yourself on your elbows. Lean on your toes. Your upper body needs to be in a straight line. You are now in a plank position.

Don’t move. Hold it like that for:

Day 1: 20 seconds

Day 2: 20 seconds

Day 3: 30 seconds

Day 4:  30 seconds

Day 5:  40 seconds

Day 6:  rest

Day 7:  45 seconds

Day 8:  45 seconds

Day 9:  60 seconds

Day 10:  60 seconds

Day 11:  60 seconds

Day 12:  90 seconds

Day 13:  rest

Day 14:  90 seconds

Day 15:  90 seconds

Day 16:  120 seconds

Day 17:  120 seconds

Day 18:  150 seconds

Day 19:  rest

Day 20:  150 seconds

Day 21:  150 seconds

Day 22:  180 seconds

Day 23:  180 seconds

Day 24:  210 seconds

Day 25:  rest

Day 26:  210 seconds

Day 27:  240 seconds

Day 28:  longest you can

Seems easy? – Accept the challenge and let’s see if you can hold on to it. I would like to see you doing this challenge.

We can do it together. Who is with me?

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Source: Healthier Way of Life

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