[25 Fun And Clever Ways] To Surprise Him And Say “I’m Pregnant”

Pregnancy is a wondrous time in a woman’s life that will be imprinted in her memory forever.

The life she carried in her will always fill her hard with warm, loving feelings.

And women aren’t the only ones carried away by this phase in their life.

They share it with their partners.

The moment we find out, there is an emotional turmoil deep inside us.

We start to wonder if everything is going to be all right, how will it all go.

Don’t worry, it will pass like a lovely single blink of the eye.

After we sort out our feelings we can’t wait to share the good news with our nearest and dearest.

And since this is a special announcement, why not make it in a unique way that will make their day?

Here are 25 ideas to say that you’re expecting in a fun and fresh way.

1. Tell The News Over Dinner

2were prego

2. Coca Cola Can Help Too

2koka kola isto moze da pomogne

3. Using Pets Is Always In

3 domasnite milenicinja sekogas se vo moda

4. Make Use Of The Nearest Holiday

4 stavete go praznikot vo vasa polza

5. Every Belly Full With Something

5ako tato ima stomak

6. Big Brother Can Help Share The News

6bato moze da pomogne

7. The Arrival Of The Sidekick

7 super heroj bara pomos

8. Soon We’ll Have A Two Player Game

8 ke bidat vo ist tim, hmmm...

9. Recreate Movie Posters Like This Next Generation PIece

9 mozebi film ke bide dobra idea

10. The Minimalist Vector Faces

11 go obozavam ovoj predlog

11. The Horror Trailer

10 ubav naslov

12. The Upcoming Comedy Drama

12 ova ke bide zabavno

13. Can You Remember This Song?


14. Use Some Adorable Baby Shoes

13 da se obideme so cevlicki

15. The Artistic Type

14 ljubovta e vo stomaceto

16. Accurate Math

15 malku matematika

17. Leave A Note

16 ostavete poraka

18. First comes love, then comes marriage, then a baby in a carriage

17 so site vasi datumi

19. What’s In The Box?

18 vo kutijata e...

20. A New Bun In The Oven

19bun in the oven

21. Who’s Feeling Sicker?

19 na tato mu se slosi

22. It’s Not Him

20mislis deka tato e

23. The Honest First Reaction (Huston, We Have A Problem)

21hjuston imame problem

24. Ask A Celebrity To Help You Out, If You Can Get One

22 koga nisto ne vi teknuva viknete go nego

25. If All Else Fails, Get Two Balloons And A Permanent Marker

1balonite moze da vi pomognat

Truly awesome pregnancy announcements you can recreate or use your imagination and make your announcement fun and unique.

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