22 Fun & Nutritious Dishes Your Kid Would Love to Eat

Every mother knows just how difficult it is to introduce new food to our little rascal’s plate. The vitamins and minerals they need to grow strong and healthy and for their bodies to develop normally are all contained in fruits and vegetables. But try telling the kids that they are good for them.

The mere mention of fruits and veggies make them pull the cutest little faces of pure disgust, making up all kinds of excuses not to eat those. They look at us with those big, beautiful eyes and ask “Do I have to?” And let’s not forget their promises of eating it tomorrow.

One way to get them excited about a breakfast filled with fruits and veggies is to make the dish a lot more fun and appealing. Here are a few ways to achieve that goal.


1. Who Wants A Hoot For Breakfast?

02buf za pojadok saka nekoj

2. A Nut-ella Squirrel

03cokoladna ververicka

3. Caterpillar Pancakes

04palacinka gasenica

4. Happy Gopher

05palacinki krtce

5. Birdie In A Nest

06ptica so gnezdo

6. Love Birds

07vljubeni ptici

7. Teddy Needs Some Honey

08so ovaa palacinka super ide i med

8. Sweet, Tasty And Irreplaceable Bunny

09slatko hranlivo i nezamenlivo zajce

9. This Crab Won’t Pinch you

10ovoj rak nema da te stipne

10. Veggie Fish

11vegi fish

11. King Of All Vitamins

12kralot na vitaminite

12. Vilma Rice And Shrimp

13vilma oriz i skampi

13. Yabba Dabba Doo Broccoli And Rice

14jaba daba du brokuli i oriz

14. Everyone Loves Snoopy And Charlie, No Matter What They’re Made Of

15koj ne go saka snupi pa od sto saka neka e napraven

15. Help Batman Defeat Those Veggies


16. Mickey And Minnie Cuddling In The Morning

17miki i mini zaljubeni od rano sabajle

17. Eat Your Minions For Breakfast

18minjoni za pojadok

18. Lady Bug Tomato

19 bubamara patlidzani

19. Fruity Flowers

20cvekinja na rznici

20. Good Morning, Sunshine

21 morning sun shine

21. Tutti Frutti Ball

22tuti fruti topka

22. Just Try Not To Try Some Of These Masterpieces

23probaj da ne probas

Let these food decorations help you make your first step in creating your very own fun and healthy breakfast dishes for your kids. Bon Appettite.

12 thoughts on “22 Fun & Nutritious Dishes Your Kid Would Love to Eat”

  1. Hi. I am a student doing Child Studies as one of My subjects and as we are doing a healthy snack I was looking for some decorations to use and I found your page very useful but I tried looking for the recipes, will you please provide us with the recipe for Number 8 Sweet, Tasty And Irreplaceable Bunny?
    Thank you.

    • Hello Pari, thanks for the comment.

      There aren’t any recipes for these ones because they are made from raw food. In this case, number 8, you can use your imagination and follow the picture. The food artist used blueberries, kiwi, strawberries, pineapples, and apples.

      It’s not as hard as it looks like. I know you’ll get it!

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