23 Adorable, Delicious And Mess-Free Easter Pops Recipes

Every good meal needs a dessert and that means cake. but when you have younger kids around, unless you feed them yourself, most of the cake will probably end up on the floor or smudged all over the place. In the end the kids will still be asking for something sweet and you’ll have a big mess to lean.

So, what can you give the kids that that tastes like cake, but won’t make a mess? The solution is the neat, bite size cake pops. There are many ways to prepare these adorable treats on sticks and they also offer you plenty of decorating possibilities. And most importantly, the kids are crazy for them.

Add some decorative desserts to your Easter table with the help from these 23 recipes. They may take some time to make but the effort will be well worth it.

Easter Chicks Oreo Pops


Recipe via carriesexperimentalkitchen.com

Coconut Marshmallow Bunnies


Recipe via houseofyumm.com

Easter Krispie Pops


Recipe via kleinworthco.com

Fluffy Bunny Tails Maringue Pops

Fluffy Bunny Tails Maringe Pops

Recipe via red-brolly.com

Easter Basket Cake Pops

Easter Basket Cake Pops

Recipe via 365cakepops.com

Donut Bunny Pops

Donut Bunny Pops

Recipe via positivelysplendid.com

Nesting Eggs Cake Pops

Nesting Eggs

Recipe via 1finecookie.com

Peeps Pops

peeps pops

Recipe via gimmesomeoven.com

Marshmallow Bunny Pop

Marshmallow Bunny Pop

Recipe via cutefoodforkids.com

Easy Chick Candy Pops

easy chick candy pops

Recipe via thedecoratedcookie.com

Easter Eggs Cake Pops


Recipe via ninerbakes.com

Easter Bunny and Chick Cake Pop

Easter Bunny and Chick Cake Pop

Recipe via ohsweetday.com

Carrot Shaped Cake Pops

Carrot cake and carrot shaped

Recipe via cakejournal.com

Easter Bunny Mini Cupcake Pops

Easter Bunny Mini Cupcake Pops

Recipe via surfandsunshine.com

Easy Easter Cookie Pops

Easy Easter Cookie Pops

Recipe via dailycrave.wordpress.com

Easter Surprise Pudding Pops

Easter surprise pudding pops re

Recipe via sheknows.com 

Easter Springtime Cake Lollipops

Easter Springtime Cake Lollipops

Recipe via krissys-creations.com

Cute Easter Chicks Cake Pops

easter cake pops

Recipe via kumquatblog.com


Milk Chocolate And Milo Easter Pops


Recipe via thekawaiikitchen.com

Carrot Cake Pops



Recipe via brighteyedbaker.com

Easter S’mores Cookies

Easter S’mores Cookies

Recipe via aspicyperspective.com

Easter Oreo Suckers

Easter Oreo Suckers

Recipe via howdoesshe.com

Easter Cake Pops

Easter Cake Popsq

Recipe via spaceshipsandlaserbeams.com

Loved by kids and adults alike, these Easter cake pops will be a guaranteed hit at your Easter Day gathering.

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