20 Ways To Reuse The Wrapping Paper Leftover From Christmas

All the presents are given and received and now we are left with the mess of torn up wrapping paper and perhaps even a few unused rolls.  Instead of throwing them all away, use them to bring some color to your home and to save on props and decorations for the New Year . We are going to show you 20 ways to do just that.

Make A Paper Patchwork Wall Art


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Upcycle Dull Cannisters

Easy Upcycled Christmas Cannisters

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Spruce Up Old Boxes

pruce Up Old Boxes

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Beautify Upcycled TV Stand Doors

Upcycled TV Stand Doors

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Make a paper tassel As A Fun Accessory

making a paper tassel

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Don’t have a  Photo Frame? Make one.

Wrapping Paper Photo Frame

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Do A Makeover On Your Medicine Cabinet


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Line Old Bookshelves

Lining Bookshelves

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Or Decorate Awesome New Ones

DIY makeover with these awesome 3D shelves

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Line a party tray or Frame the wrapping paper to be ready as a next year’s holiday decor


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 Make a paper mache produce bowl


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 Shred the paper and use it for storing fragile items


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 Or make colorful New Years’ Conffetti


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Wrap books for protection and added flare

Book Covering

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 Weave wrapping paper Baskes

wrapping paper basket

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Roll Some Wrapping Paper Beads

Wrapping Paper Beads

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Make An Easy Wrapping Paper Puzzle For The Kids

Wrapping Paper Puzzle

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Tiny Crafts perfect for New Year


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Make A New Year’s Photo Booth Backdrop

photo booth

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We’ve spend hours choosing the perfect wrapping paper for the Christmas presents and even more so wrapping them, and on Christmas day we are left with a chaotic mess of ripped and shredded paper, not to mention sheets of unused wrapping paper. It is almost a shame to throw it away, even if it’s to the paper recycling bin.

Fortunately, there are ways we can still use those festive gift wrappers in various ways around the house. These twenty ideas will not only help refresh the home and retain the festive spirit a little longer, but will also be a nice way to teach the kids the value and usefulness of recycling and reusing.

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