20 Unexpected Uses For A Muffin Pan To Make Your Life Easier

Few desserts are better than those tasty muffins and to make them you need a good muffin pan. But, your old trusty muffin pan can be of help in more ways than you thought possible. From organizing to surprising recipes, take a look at these 20 muffin pan hacks.

Try serving food to your picky-eaters in a muffin pan. You’ll be surprised with the results.


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Turn the muffin pan over, place a few tortillas between the cups, bake them and you’ll get crunchy mini taco bowls.


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Make the cutest and most delicious mini pizzas.


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Use the muffin pan as an ice tray to make lemon and lime ice cubes.


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Two ways to make bacon bowls for your next party.


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Make edible cookie cups in no time.


The muffin pan is a great way to serve accoutrements at a dinner party or a neat condiment holder at the next BBQ gathering.

cheese or charcuterie accoutrements like apricot jams, spoons, crackers and cheeses

Freeze your leftover soup or soup stock and you’ll have an exact dose every time you need it.


Make hard boiled eggs in the oven, by placing the eggs in the muffin pan.

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Next Easter have a lot more eggs in different colors using the muffin pan as the dye holder. Clean and easy.


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Create new crayons by melting all the old broken ones in a muffin pan.


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Create some muffin pan art. A muffin pan makes a great frame for small pictures.


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Use the muffin pan to store and organize your buttons.


Sort your jewelry with a muffin pan and you can even turn it into an adorable jewelry stand by attaching it to a candle holder or something similar.


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A muffin pan makes a great cup holder.


Make your arts and crafts time a lot less messier.

Arts and crafts holder

The muffin tin hardware bin is perfect for the garage.


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Help your kids learn the alphabet faster with some scrabble pieces and a muffin pan.

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Don’t search for a candle holder. The muffin pan will serve you nicely.

muffin tins tea lights

Use it as a succulent planter or a seedling starter.


Who knew that the simple muffin pan can be so useful in the kitchen and around the house? And this is just small list of ways it can be used for. It just goes to show that instead of always searching for specific items good for a certain task, we should look at the things we already have and find new ways to use them.

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