20 Time-Saving Cooking Hacks With Ice Cube Trays

The high summer temperatures are gone and with them the need for a nice, cool and refreshing beverage. That means that you can finally take the ice cube tray from your freezer and make some room for more important things. Not so fast. Just because you don’t have to freeze water, that doesn’t mean that the ice cube tray doesn’t have any other uses around the kitchen.

The small bite-size compartments of the ice cube tray can be put to countless ingenious uses around the house, like storage, homemade cleaning supplies, beauty products as well as some cooking-related tricks, that we will show you now. You will be surprised of how much this container can save you time and money during the winter months, not to mention all the delicious treats you can cook up in it.

These 20 cooking tricks will give you a general idea of the usefulness of  the ice cube tray.

Freeze And Preserve The Taste And Aroma Of Fresh Herbs In Olive Oil

herbs in olive oil

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Homemade Herb Garlic Butter Condiment


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Baking Sweets Made Easier By Freezing Precise Dosage of Buttermilk

freezing buttermilk

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Make A Large Batch Of Baby Food And Freeze The Rest For The Next Meal


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Enjoy The Green Tomato Pesto Taste All Winter Long

Green Tomato Pesto

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Make Ice Cubes Of Blended Greens And Add One In Your Smoothie For Extra Boost

ice cubes from blended greens

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Freeze Citrus Juice For Cooling Down Hot Tea With Extra Vitamin C

citrus juice

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Like Using Ginger But Hate Preparing It? Ginger Juice Cubes Are The Solution

F Ginger Cubes

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Cubes Of Fragrant Basil And Pine Nut Pesto Ready To Spice Any Delicious Meal

basil and pine nut pesto

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Chicken Stock Ice Cubes. One Of These In Your Soup Will Make All The Difference

chicken tock ice cubes

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Freeze Cookie Dough in Ice Cube Trays for Portion Controlled Snacks

cookie dough

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Rice Krispy Treat Poppers


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Bite Sized Chocolate Caramels

chocolate caramels

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Iced Mocha With Coffee Cubes

iced mocha

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Chai Iced Tea Cubes

Chai Iced Tea Cubes

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Hot Chocolate Sticks Are Great Party Favors

Hot Chocolate Sticks

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Spread The Cheer With Christmas Ice Cubes


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Organic Ice Cube Tray Peanut Butter Cups

Organic Ice Cube Tray Peanut Butter Cups

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Delicious Chocolate Covered Strawberries (Or Use Any Other Fruit Or Nut)


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Wine Cubes For Cooking Or Cooling Down your Wine Without Diluting It


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Are you surprised you haven’t came up with some of these hacks yourself? Try these ideas and you will see just how much fun and easy cooking can become. Ice cube trays have many more uses, and now that you know its potential, use it to make your own cooking hack.

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