20 Stunning Embroidered Leaves That Look Like The Real Thing

Looking closely at any leaf, you can see the many lines that run trough them, just like the veins in a human body. The intricate and delicate pattern makes you have a whole new appreciation for Mother Nature. Even if someone was to recreate the skeleton of a leaf, it would be difficult to convey the softness and fragility of a real leaf. Bot one textile artist has come pretty close.

Meredith Woolnough replicates many f nature’s leaf and coral creations using only her sewing machine, some embroidery thread and a paper that dissolves in water. The effect that the final product creates is absolutely amazing. Her works will truly make look closely just to be sire that the what you are seeing is truly man made.

Here is a small part of her Embroidered nature collection.

1. Amazonian Water Lilly


2. Autumn Leaf 


3. Black Coral Fan

Black coral fan 2 email

4. Small Brown Leaf

Brown Leaf small

5. Cabbage Section


6. Coral And Mushrooms 1

cora; and mudhroom

7. Coral And Mushrooms 2

mushroom coral

8. Ginkgo Bilobo Leaf 1 


9. Ginkgo Florette


10. Green Fern Front

green fern front

11. Holly Skeleton Duo

holly skeleton duo

12. Red Coral Circle


13. Orange Nautilus

Orange nautilus small

14. Sea Spiral

sea spiral

15. Square Leaf Study

Square leaf study 1

16. Tall Black Coral

Tall black coral website

17. Twisted Leaf Web

twisted leaf web image

18. Water Lilly Pattern

water lili atternn

19. Small Works In Acryl

works in acryl

20. Circle Designs


You have to admit that your home would feel a lot lighter with one of these artistic works on your wall.

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