20 Items with Additional Purpose No One Has Figured It Out

I enjoy seeing and reading about these items with an additional purpose. It makes my day and life easier.

Imagine how it would be if the Internet wasn’t discovered. I can’t.

Like one of my friends say:

If it wasen’t for the Internet to take over our lives, there would’ve been something else computer scientists will discover.

She is probably right.

Now, back to the main focus here. Guessing the primary purpose for an item is easy. I always wonder if a single pen can do anything more except letting us take notes.

*For the kids and teenagers reading this, a pen is what we used to write on paper and take important notes at school or everywhere else.

I had to remind them because they are taking notes on their smartphones now.

Many other objects are here with a unique method, and I can give credit to the designers for thinking this through and made the item perfect in any angle.

These items with additional purpose will fit well into your life.

Here is what I’m talking about.

1. Hole in Pen’s Cap

Prevents kids from choking.

2. The Hole in the Plane’s Window

Additional Purpose

To maintain pressure balance between the outside and the inside of the plane, and to prevent the windows from fogging.

3. Extra fabric with new clothes

It’s there for testing how the fabric reacts to detergents and stain removers!

4. The Tiny Jeans Pocket

It’s there to hold a pocket watch!

5. The Studs on Jeans

To reinforce the jeans.

6. The Holes in Converse Sneakers

If the sneakers are used as basketball shoes, these holes let you thread the laces through for a snug fit.

7. This Hole

To help you secure the end of the tape measure to a nail or screw.

8. The serrated edge

It helps you make a measurement mark while both your hands are busy

9. The hole on the pot handle

A handy spot for your wooden spoon.

10. The hole in the pasta spoon

To measure a serving of spaghetti

11. The Arrow

On which side the gas cap is located.

12. The zig-zag side of a bobby pin

The bottom part

13. The padlock hole

Acts as a drain to prevent water from sticking into the padlock and causes freezing or rusting the parts.

14. The cylindrical parts of the power cables

Prevent electromagnetic interference.

15. The bumps on the F and J keys

They help you keep track of where your fingers are without looking.

16. The Hole in Rulers

To hang up the ruler.

17. The Wings on an Apple Power Cable

To prevent tangles.

18. The mysterious dot

A microphone.

19. The indentation on the lid of a package of Tic-Tacs

A piece of cake!

20. The Indentation at the Bottom of a Wine Bottle

It helps to regulate the pressure experienced by the bottle during the corking process

Now, your life became easier. You are welcome.

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