20 Funny And Adorable Father-Child Moments

Dear mommies, often and unjustifiably we tend to scale down the role of the fathers in the early development of our children. Yet while we watch the two of them playing without a care in the world, we smile with pleasure and our hearts beat faster from joy. People say again and again that the mother is irreplaceable, but the father is needed too.

Sometimes we can get jealous that dads can cause those thundering screeches of joyful laughter that shakes the entire home, but there are also those priceless moments when they take matters into their own hands and allow us to have at least few moments of peace and quiet. That is why we cherish them and their endless support when we need it the most.

They are our daughters’ first love and our sons’ heroes, they are the fathers.

1. So, What Do You Want To Do Today?

1sto ke pravime deneska

2. Swinging Upside Down


3. Cool Selfie With Dad


4. Tea Party With The Princess

5tea time

5. Modeling For The Next Make-Up Artist


6. Who Fell Asleep First?

7koj prv zaspa

7. Twinsies 

8kakov tato takov sin

8. That’s One Contagious Nap

9mora da e zarazna dremka

9.Like Father Like Son

10ne e istata raka no si licime

10. Helping Around The Kitchen

Father and Son Washing Dishes

11. You Wash, I’ll Dry

12da i pomogneme na mama

12. A Little Back Massage

13mala masaza

13. I Got Him, He’s Not Going Anywhere

14koj ke pobedi

14. The Lego Dad

15legos daddy

15. Bedtime Story-Time


16. The Soothing Pianist 

Listening to daddy play the piano

17. Rock  On

18rok svirka

18. A Song For Everyone

19pesna za secij vkus

19. Playing Games With Dad


20. Awww, Those Soft, Plump, Smooshy Cheeks

20obravcina za stipkanje

They might be grown up kids themselves, but the things they do for their kids are priceless.

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