20 Fun DIY’s To Turn Old Light Bulbs Into Modern Decor Pieces

I can bet that every family changes light bulbs every day. I can’t find the right light bulb that comes with excellent quality. It happens to me every time.

My husband buys 10 to 15 light bulbs every week. You change it and after a day or two, it explodes. I woke up thirsty one night and went downstairs to get some water. Right, when I turned on the lights the light bulb exploded. It was so loud that I thought the whole installation

When I turned on the lights, the light bulb exploded. It was so intense that I expected the entire facility to go up in flames.

Luckily, everything was fine. When I think about been the possible outcome of this, I’m getting chills all over my body.

Usually, you are throwing away the light bulbs, right? I do too. But, after this, you will start keeping them. They make a great decor piece.

Below you will find a few ideas how you can turn a simple light bulb into an aquarium, a bird, and even a beautiful centerpiece.

It’s so cool.

Please don’t stop only with these ideas. I would like to see more of you.

More ideas.

Think of something and share it with me and all of the other friends who are present here.

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1. Natural Marimo Moss Ball DIY Light Bulb Aquarium

Easy Marimo Moss Ball DIY Light Bulb Aquarium

Tutorial via

2. Bright Idea Globe


Tutorial via

3. Light Bulb Ornament – Penguin

Light Bulb Ornament Penguin

Tutorial via

4. Mini Snow Globe Ornament

Tutorial via

5. Ship In A Light Bulb


Tutorial via

6. Party Favors Or Gift Idea For Any Occasion


Tutorial via

7. Decoupage Light Bulb Birds


Tutorial via

8. Light Bulb Vase


Tutorial via

9. Light Bulb Oil Lamp


Tutorial via

10. Light Bulb Pendant Necklace


Tutorial via

11. Light Bulb Air Plant Terrarium


Tutorial via

12. Hot Air Balloon Suncatchers


Tutorial via

13. Upcycled Light Bulb Centerpiece


Tutorial via

14. Light Bulb Bumblebee


Tutorial via

15. Star Christmas Tree Lightbulb Ornaments

Star Christmas Tree Lightbulb Ornaments

Tutorial via

16. Hanging Lightbulb Aquarium


Tutorial via

17. Twine Pears


Tutorial via

18. Light Bulb Spider


Tutorial via

19. Light Bulb Terrarium


Tutorial via


I will never throw away another light bulb!

Don’t forget to share all of these ideas with your friends. They would want something like this in their homes.

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