20 Before-After Photos Show What Hard Work Does to People

Hard work should be your new year’s resolution. We need to get used to it because if not you, then who?

I’m working every day with people who are willing to make a change in their life.

They come into my office or home and share their life stories with me. We are getting close. We believe in each other and decide to put hard work into getting the final and desired shape.

Patience, strong will, and forget about quitting. Everything comes if you put hard work when it comes to weight loss and getting fit.


However, you need this “push” once in a while. You need to hear about different success stories. I do an excellent job bringing different life stories in front of my clients and make them see the difference.

That’s what pushes them to work harder and never forget about the final picture.

That’s why I decided to leave these “touching” pictures right here. Seeing others how they did it will make you open your eyes and see the new you.

So, for 2017 I want you to close your eyes and imagine yourself. – Do you have everything you need there?

Take a moment to breathe and see whether that new life suits you well.

Now, let’s get your daily dose of motivation:

1. Lost 203lbs in 2 Years

2. From 600lbs to 230lbs in three years

3. 198lbs in Two Years

4. From 245lbs to 145lbs

5. 2012 = 305lbs vs. 2016 = 165lbs

6. Minus 98lbs

7. Minus 112lbs in Two Years

8. The Christmas Card Lost 350lbs

9. One-Year Transformation

10. 120kg to 65kg in 18 Months

11. 545 Pounds to 215 Pounds

12. Minus 166.5lbs in Two Years

13. Hard Work to Minus 64kg!

14. After Introducing her to Vegan Life

15. Below 200lbs in a Year!

16. Officially down 90lbs

17. From 360lbs to 150lbs

18. Lost 180lbs, but Gained a New Look

19. Believe in yourself

20. From 320lbs to 120lbs

Good. Are you ready to be that person you imagined when you closed your eyes?

Give me a simple answer: Yes or No?

I will read your comments and see how many of you have what it takes to become healthy and fit.

Don’t forget to invite your friends over by sharing this with all of them. The response will inspire you even more.

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27 thoughts on “20 Before-After Photos Show What Hard Work Does to People”

  1. I’ve been overweight my entire life. I can’t have kids until I lose at least 50lbs. I need help!! I need someone I can talk to every day!!

  2. Im 62… I was a semi professional dancer all my life actually underweight most of my life I suddenly had a thyroid problem that was way over active and they couldn’t do anything but take it out the medicines never really worked and then I hurt my knee and couldn’t dance anymore slowly over the years I have gained weight too up to over a hundred pounds now overweight in 10 years. I’m still shocked when I see myself in the mirror because I’m not used to looking like this and very depressed about it and the problem is I continue to gain weight even though I ate pretty healthy hardly any carbs I hate fatty food deep fried food never eat combo food french fries fast foods they keep checking my thyroid level say it’s normal but I don’t understand why I struggle I know I’m older but I don’t think it should be this hard. When I stand a true healthy diet it takes me forever to lose just 15 lb I don’t understand but it is hard for me to get activity in with a damaged knee.

  3. Really need to lose at least 150 pounds. Since I had to stop running due to 2 torn tendons in my foot/ ankle and surgery for them I have gained 60 pounds. I was heavy before but I was able to keep busy and active with my running. If you can help I would love it.

  4. I have trouble with my knees so I can’t walk more than a couple blocks or less so how can I loss about 75 pounds without a lot of excersizing I have to work two jobs an I only get about 5 or 6 hrs sleep each night. I try for more but I wake up after 5 hrs.. I need energy an I don’t no what to take to give me some. Thanks for your time. Susan

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