19 Healthiest Foods You Need to Give to Your Dog & What to Avoid

I’m sure many people don’t know how to feed their dog.

A simple walk in the park will leave you speechless. People give everything to their dogs.

Once, I saw a person giving some sort of candy to his dog. Usually, I don’t do this, but I approached him.

I explained how dangerous that is and it could lead to liver failure. He just stood there listening to me.

Just when I thought he understood everything that he said blew my mind.

Mind your own business lady. Don’t tell me how to raise my dog

Yeah. People know how to be rude. Even when you try to help them.

I said to myself that’s the last time I will help someone. I was nervous.

When I came home and saw my beautiful Golden Retriever, everything vanished.

I can’t quit informing you about healthy life because of some rude person.

This is for all of you dog lovers.

What to give and what not is finally resolved.

After this, you will rest assured knowing best food for dogs and that you have a healthy dog in your home.

Let’s start.

Coconut & Coconut oil

The powerful food for people is also highly beneficial for your dog.

Coconut contains Lauric acid. When dogs consume it, this acid produces monoglyceride monolaurin.

This substance helps the dog destroy pathogenic bacteria and different forms of viruses.

What’s more, coconut contains albumin. This is a water-soluble protein that can be found in many animal liquids and tissues.

19 Healthiest Foods You Need to Give to Your Dog & What to Avoid

Lean Meat

Oh, meat. Dog’s favorite food. We all know you can’t give only meat to your dog.

The lean meat it’s highly beneficial, though.

Many vets have improved this meat.

Thick chicken, pork or beef with no visible fat and added seasonings or sauces is a great training treat.

With this, you give an extra quality protein to your dog.

Lean meat is awesome.

It’s a great source of amino acids and B vitamins.

These vitamins are involved in maintaining great energy in your dog’s metabolism.


Just like lean meat, the liver is a great training treat. It can also be used as a meal replacement.

You can find it in most pet stores in freeze-dried form. Also, you can buy it fresh from the grocery store to feed your dog at home.

The fresh liver can be cooked and baked.

This meat is known as a great source of B Vitamins, Vitamin A and Vitamin K.

It contains iron, too.

19 Healthiest Foods You Need to Give to Your Dog & What to Avoid

Warning: too much liver is toxic for your dog. Limit the amount of liver that you give to your dog. No more than 1g of fresh liver /Kg body weight a day.

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