18 Tips for Maintaining Healthy and Youthful Skin

From adolescence, many begin to have problems with the skin of the face, and often they last throughout their lives. Inflammation is accompanied by acne, the skin changes its properties, becomes dry or oily, and then wrinkles appear. And each stage requires an individual approach. 

Habits That Ruin Your Skin:

However, there are many reasons for bad skin. The most common of them are:

  • Eating lots of sugar: By eating lots of sugar, you get pimples on the face
  • Not including fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet: Relying on junk food can spoil the skin. What you will eat will come out on your face.
  • Drinking Alcohol: It fastens the aging process, making the skin dull. Government websites such as alcoholics anonymous shows how alcoholism can destroy the well-being and appearance of a person.
  • Not Having Enough Sleep: Insomnia can affect the glow of your skin. Take 8 hours of sleep for fresh skin.
  • Using Phone: Keeping the phone near your ear, cheek, and chin can cause breakouts. 

How to Make Your Skin Look fresh?

The sooner you master these simple tips of skincare, the longer you will keep it youthful. 

Tip 1: Never Pop Pimple

The most important rule is not to pop the pimples! With each new extrusion, their number increases. Even if you are lucky and you do not know yourself some kind of infection, spots, and scars will remain on the skin.

Tip 2: Cleanse the Face

Cleanse your face twice a day: in the morning and before bed. And try not to neglect this rule. Even if you haven’t put on makeup, your skin is still polluted by dust from the atmosphere and your secretions.

Tip 3: Remove Makeup Before Sleeping

Never go to bed with makeup on your face! This is very harmful and can lead to serious consequences, which will then be much more difficult to eliminate. Read about how to remove makeup correctly in our article.

Tip 4: Do Not Buy Cheap Skin Products

Do not save on yourself and your beauty. You can save on anything, just not on health. Stop buying cheap creams and makeup. All the same, it will not make you beautiful: eyelashes will stick together, the powder will roll, and so on, but such cosmetics can cause quite tangible harm. Find the line from the luxury segment that suits your skin.

Tip 5: Correctly Apply Lotion

Apply lotions to the face only with dabbing movements. Do not stretch the skin too much. With age, she will thank you for your careful handling.

Tip 6: Refresh the Skin Around Eyes

Pay special attention to the circles under the eyes: they often arise from lack of sleep and prolonged work at the computer. Refresh the skin around the eyes with special moisturizing gels. After their application, the effect of tightening is created, and the problem of bags under the eyes will leave you.

Tip 7: Correctly Apply Acne Cream

Acne cream dries out the skin. Never put it all over your face. Use ear sticks and apply the cream directly to the inflamed areas.

Tip 8: Use Vitamin E

All skin problems arise from within. Unbalanced nutrition, poor ecology, dirty air, stress – all this affects the skin. Take Vitamin E and minerals (copper, magnesium, zinc). This will make the skin look healthier and more elastic.

Tip 9: Apply Face Mask

Along with cleansing, it is necessary to nourish the skin with all kinds of masks. Moisturizing, Exfoliating, Soothing, Relaxing, Oxygenating – choose any depending on your skin type. Also, do not neglect the scrub, it removes dead cells from the surface of the skin and renews it.

Tip 10: Do Not Use Soap

Never wash your face with soap, even if nothing else is at hand. It is better to use face wash, they will maintain Ph. balance and will not dry out the face.

Tip 11: Drink a lot Of Water

Every day you need to drink a lot of water – 1.5-2 liters. Even the most expensive creams will not help if the body is lacking fluid. You may not feel this deficit, but it will certainly affect the skin in the form of peeling, irritation, and other troubles.

Tip 12: Switch to Healthy Diet

Fatty, sugary foods and junk food do great harm not only to your skin but also to the body as a whole. Give up this nasty thing and switch to a healthy diet.

Tips 13: Moisturize Skin in the Morning

Be sure to moisturize your skin in the morning, this should be done regardless of its type. Take this as a rule, and soon you will notice how the skin will thank you.

Tip 14: Minimize Touching Face

 Don’t touch your face during the day; try not to touch it at all. Even a clean hand can have bacteria that cause inflammation.

Tip 15: Keep Makeup Brushes Clean

Keep your brushes and sponges clean. My foundation brushes every time after use, and my dry product brushes once a week. 

Tip 16: Use Sunscreen

Be sure to use sunscreen in the summer, and for the beach, choose products with a higher protection factor – SPF 30-50.

Tip 17: Use Special Cream for Under Eyes

Never apply face cream to the eye area. Buy a special cream and separate these areas. If you apply a greasy cream all over your face at night, an impressive swelling will appear in your eyes.

Tip 18: Apply Concealer Wisely

Do not apply concealer all over your face. It is too thick and not suitable for daytime makeup. If you need to hide pimples, match concealer to match your skin tone and apply it dots.

Summing Up

If you decide to take care of your skin seriously, then take care of it systematically. No remedy will help you get rid of your problems in one go. All these tips that we have listed must be followed daily. Soon you will see the changes and you will be satisfied with your appearance. It’s all in your hands! 


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