Following the Trends: 18 Fascinating Hair Colors For This Fall


I’m in a desperate mood here. I want to change my hair color, but I don’t know what to pick.

This is exactly what I needed these days.

Somehow, I feel more stylish and fresh when I dye my hair.

These hair colors are what we all need this fall.

Having plenty of ideas make things complicated.

I’m not good at choosing.

I hope you are better than me. That’s why I need your help.

It’s better when you hear different opinions. Don’t you think?

Starting from the first idea until the last one, I want to make all of them!

Constantly changing color might damage your hair.

That’s why trying them all in a short period is not a good idea.

You can see all of them in this list.

It would be great if you share with me what color you would choose.

I really want to hear your opinion.

1. Classic, understated rose gold

classic, understated rose gold

2. Golden-laced medium brunette shade

3. An ashy brown shade

4. Auburn hair… Never out of style!


5. Blonde hair buttery hue

6. Blonde tones into brown hair

7. Brightening face-framing highlights and a Subtle ombré

8. Dark blonde and light brown hair

9. Dark, cool coffee brown

10. Deep, rich brown, which fades into a subtle caramel shade

11. A super platinum shade

12. Glossy medium brown shade

13. Highlights rather than using foils for a natural, sunkissed look

14. Icy platinum

15. Medium and dark browns

16. Subtle highlights and lowlights interspersed throughout golden brown hair

17. True ginger color can be stunning

18. Blonde without going all the way is to work much lighter sections into the lower half of hair

I told you it would be really hard.

You simply can’t decide what’s supposed to be done.

What do you think?

I really appreciate you helping me on this one.

Thank you!

Source: DIY Makeover

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